Why content will always be king on every business website

During the 6 years I have spent with untitled™, within the walls of our Cheshire web design agency, time and time again I have always heard the repeated catchphrase “Content is King!”. Especially when it came to create or manage the early stages of a website project but never really understood why… well until now that is…

Having created various bits of content for numerous clients over the years, it’s taken a lot of learning to fully understand what impact good content can have on any business website. So, inside our latest Web Grower blog, I’m going to pinpoint various different ways why content is king any why it is an essential to every website.

Cheshire Web Design Content Is King

Digital Content Marketing

SEO – Search engines seek quality written content. When you create bespoke copy to sell your products and services on your business website, the objective of search engines is to gain an understanding of what your content is talking about, and through processing this data, will generate search rankings based on what a user is searching for. Although over factors such as authority and location will be taken into consideration, by producing quality digital content, you stand a much better chance of ranking higher in search engine listings with keyword driven content.

Sales / Leads – Once a user lands on your website, they automatically enter your sales funnel. Along the process users are likely to leave your website, but engaging content WILL leave a lasting impression on users and will encourage them to interact with the website a little further and visit multiple pages. Good quality content will have a much better chance to increase leads and sales which will also eliminate higher bounce rates, increase page views and increase engagement.

Visual Content

Effective content doesn’t always come in the shape of traditional written text. As previously reported, websites are evolving and changing the way key information is communicated with more and more businesses adopting video to deliver instant information. Furthermore, e-commerce-based websites are not starting to implement visual search to try and eliminate any reason for users to navigate away from your website.

With the average attention span to draw the user now under 5 seconds before they click away, more and more visual content is being introduced such as infographics, illustrations, diagrams, auto-play videos and much more to instantly offer the user information and encourage the user to make decisions.

Content is King: Visual Website Structure

Structure and Flow

A common question within the music industry is what comes first, the music or the lyrics… well this has easily transferred to within the web design industry with agencies, just like our Cheshire web design agency questioning what comes first, the design or the content?!?

Now, hear me out, let’s say you design a website and have a clear goal of layout and look. Now once a you or a copyrighter has written the content, it could leave your design looking very uninspiring if let’s say for example, you have 3 equal columns and one contains a handful of paragraphs and the other two contain a couple of sentences, or you suddenly don’t have enough text budgeted to sit underneath a banner. This will mean going back to the drawing board to find a new design tailored round your content.

I firmly believe if the content has arrived yet, plan and estimate the amount of content you want to add to each page, so you can move on and get the website layout you really want.

Cheshire Web Design Conclusion

Not only will high quality website content build trust and authority with visitors, it will increase your digital marketing authority and increase sales. As websites to continue to grow and change, effective content can be delivered in all forms of media which is why content will always be king!

However, writing content for your website shouldn’t also be misleading to users to trick them into clicking, or by using questionable SEO techniques such as black hat SEO.

If you would like to speak to your Cheshire web design agency on advice on how to write good quality content, or would be interested in using our copywriter, feel free to get in touch.

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