What organic effects can social media have on your business?

After watching that video, you will hopefully agree that the statistics and use of social media is simply frightening. Social media has such an impact on our daily lives that you start to forget that it’s everywhere; it’s used on television, in education, for politics and even in the job market.

As a Knutsford based web development agency, we have to keep our fingers on the pulse in what is an ever-changing digital world and that includes what impact social media can have for your website. Following on from our guide on how to construct the perfect blog, we now focus on what impact social media can have on our blogs and how they can increase web performance.

Create & promote appealing content

When it comes to writing compelling and relevant content for your website, you need to write something that will not only target your ideal audience, you want to write something that benefits existing customers, visitors and potential prospects and is relevant within your industry. So when you have written your masterpiece, what happens next? Only visitors that filter through to your website are potentially going to read your awesome blog so the next phase is to promote on social media!

By spreading your message on various social media platforms, you are promoting what you are passionate about and if businesses, customers or prospects can see that this is something that will benefit them, perhaps a help guide or answering questions, they are far more likely to visit your blog and share what has been written. This also provides authority which helps increase web performance.

Organic Search Engine Growth

Previously search engine results were dictated by two activities, content that contained the right number of keywords and phrases, then the number of internal and external hyperlinks that provided authority from other credible websites (with sites such as the BBC being the best you can get!).

While this is still the correct philosophy, organic search engine growth has also evolved and websites such as Google and Bing now also pay attention to social signals which determine how websites are ranked on search results pages. Social media allows you to broadcast your content to a wider audience so when interested visitors see your content, they share, subscribe and tell their friends which leads to them linking your content for you, which is also known as referral traffic or extending your ‘reach’.

Increased exposure to a wider audience

Naturally the more social media platforms that you are a part of, the more exposure and increased presence you will have to visitors, potential prospects and customers as part of your online sales funnel. The more content that you post, share and ‘like’ that appeals to your audience, the easier it will start to become to attract the right kind of subscribers, fans, followers and links across a network of social media platforms. However, it is also worth remembering that it’s better to do one or two social media platforms well, rather than 4 or 5 badly!

Overall marketing costs decrease

One of the key benefits of using any social media platform is that they are completely free to use! If you want to tweet a message, to capture and share a blog, or post a photo of the office on Facebook then this can be much more cost effective compared to running paid adverts or mailing to distribution lists as it maximises your web presence.

Build your fan base: recruit and follow your audience

Don’t be afraid to engage and seek other users whose content reveals an interest or knowledge that affects the industry that you are associated with. If you are willing to share and interact with them on their content then they are far more likely to return the favour when you have something interesting to share.

Look to follow existing customers including potential prospects that have previously expressed or viewed your products, services or even previous content. By following them, this allows to you to get familiar with what your customers like and provides a timely reminder to prospects that you are still there.

Social Media Conclusion

Hopefully you have taken some new-found knowledge from this and can see the importance that social media plays on both a web performance and a search engine optimization. If you would like to discuss which social media platform is best suited for your business or simply have any questions regarding content and social media, please don’t hesitate to give me or James a call 01565 653616 or simply send us a tweet and follow us @untitledtm.