Do you have a website support package?

WordPress Website Care Report

Do you know how well your website performs?

Are you aware of how well your website ranks in search engines for various search terms?

Is someone monitoring if your website goes down, and then taking action?

Don’t worry, these aren’t intended to be trick questions…not many website owners will know the answers to some or any of the above questions. But with any of our WordPress Website Care packages, you will!

Through our unique Website Care packages, not only will you have the full support of a Cheshire based web agency at your disposal, you will also be presented with a monthly Website Care report, which will provide you with a digestible report of the key metrics that you should know about this important business marketing tool, your website.

Information on Security, Performance, software updates, traffic…..basically all the activity that has happened on your website over the previous month. Designed for start-up and smaller businesses right the way through to large international corporations, customers will be able to find a Website Care Package suitable for the goals of their business.

Here are some of the insights that our WordPress Website Care Reports provide…

Uptime Monitoring

Nobody can watch their website around the clock. It’s frustrating enough to be notified by a website visitor that your site is down (but at least you can talk to them), not knowing your site is down at all is likely to lead to lost customers and impact on your business credibility. Occasionally websites do go down, and you need to know that this is being monitored and actions taken swiftly to address the situation.

Our WordPress Care Reports not only communicate the Uptime status for the previous month, but the technology will notify us of any issues with your website so we can address the causes swiftly.

All our websites are hosted on robust and secure 3rd party servers, and we are notified if any website goes down, allowing us to identify and fix the issue.

Our Website Care Reports hide nothing from our customers so if your website went down in the early hours for a matter of seconds, you will be notified how long your website was down for and what the issue was.

WordPress Website Uptime Monitoring

Software Updates

With the current pace of change, especially in the technology sector, staying on top of system and software updates and upgrades is a never ending challenge.

As most modern websites consist of a number of components or ‘plugins’, conducting regular updates is critical to the performance and security of the website as a whole. And due to their sophistication these updates need to be delivered systemically to ensure there are no implications for the visitor.

Our processes provide a ‘safe’ environment to complete updates and instantly restore the website to the previous update, minimising any implications to the end users experience.


As with any business data it’s important to ensure you have regular and up to date backups of all your data. Your website is no different. Dependant on your WordPress Care Package, we maintain regular backups and ‘restore’ points for your website to ensure we minimise the risk of losing any data in the unfortunate circumstance of a significant security breach or viral attack.

Keyword Ranking

For any business with an online presence, ranking well within search engines is hugely important but can start to feel like survival of the fittest. In order to see and how your Search Engine Optimisation efforts are progressing, you might historically have had to manually find, monitor and record keyword activities, and that’s without mentioning keeping an eye on the competition.

With our Keyword Ranking within our WordPress Care report, these activities will be a distant memory. With the capacity to list up to 100 keywords of your choosing (based on your package), WordPress Care Package customers will be presented with monthly reports which will monitor and identify keyword progress, both better and worse, of your ranking position along with a timeline of how you rank on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.

With your chosen keywords, our reports will also calculate your online Visibility ranking against competition targeting the same keywords. This helps you understand who your online competitors are, you will also find how you stack up against the them.

Cheshire WordPress Website Keyword Ranking


Do you monitor your website with Google Analytics? Don’t worry if you don’t, although Google Analytics may be an essential tool to monitor and collect website data, website owners usually either don’t have the time or simply don’t know how to use or set up Google Analytics.

Now you can see Google Analytics data directly with any monthly WordPress Care Package report. With a monthly overview snapshot, customers are provided with overview graphics which display data including site sessions, page views, pages sessions, new sessions and bounce rate.

For customers who want to dive a little deeper into analysing data, our monthly Google Analytics reports also offer insight into other key features such as referral traffic and popular pages – so if you have put any SEO, social media or marketing efforts into any particular landing pages, these reports provide the perfect diving board to analysis what works and what doesn’t.

Click to view an example report.

Cheshire WordPress Analytics Report

Are you currently on the WordPress website platform?

Is your website currently built on WordPress? Are you given any reports on ongoing support? We have a range of WordPress Care Support packages to suite any business goals.

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