Is your website SSL secure?!

If you have ever logged into a website or bought anything from an online ecommerce store, it’s almost impossible that you have never encountered using SSL, even if you have no idea what it is!

As a web design agency based in Knutsford, Cheshire, to us it’s not just about delivering a website based on performance and growth, we strongly believe in the security of our websites so feel it is our duty to highlight that if your website requires, receives, processes, collects, stores, or displays any type of confidential or sensitive information such as password or personal data – then SSL is something that will directly affect your website.

Inside our blog, we will discuss what an SSL Certificate is, why browsers are starting to introduce it now, why your website should consider an SSL Certificate and most importantly… where you can purchase your SSL Certificate for your website.

What is an SSL Certificate?!

Good question!!! An SSL Certificate (Secure Sockets Layer) – sometimes referred as digital certificates – are used for establishing an encrypted connection between a server and a client. Without wanting to speak computer geek language, this basically means a link between a browser or a user’s computer and a server or a website.

The purpose of a SSL connection protects sensitive information such as e-commerce transactions such as online banking sites, email applications and ecommerce websites which contain check-out or shopping facilitates or login credentials from becoming compromised or vulnerable from non-authorized users from intercepting and using that information.

Why are browsers introducing SSL now?!

Recently, have you noticed when you visit a website, most web browsers will either display a padlock icon or you see the words ‘Not Secure’ when you look in your address bar or attempt to sign into a website!?

Well speaking honestly, security has been on the agenda and has remained a top priority for Google for quite some time and first publicly spoke about SSL and it’s factors in 2014. With only wanting to run light tests to check for secure, encrypted connections, Google openly admitted that testing would affect less than 1% of global queries and would remain as a low hanging fruit as a contributor to overall website SEO factors, but did promise that over time they will strengthen SSL as a factor in SEO….which brings us to 2017.

In February this year, as part of the latest Chrome update, Google introduced the first part of a staged roll-out that encourages websites to get rid of HTTP (not SSL encrypted). Following the update, any website that is not running HTTPS (SSL encrypted) will have a message appear in the address bar reading ‘Not Secure’ on pages that collect any information such as login details or e-commerce products with incognito then all pages expected to follow the same pattern.

Why should I consider an SSL Certificate for my website!?

With Google being the driving force behind the change, other web browsers and search engines have quickly followed, SSL certificates will continue to become more important for website security in 2017. Google have explained a number of reasons why websites should consider implementing an SSL certificate on their website…

Increases your Google Rankings.
Yep, Google have openly admitted that HTTPS will be a factor in search engine rankings. Although it has contributed to search results since 2014, now Google have fully endorsed SSL certificates they will play a much bigger role in algorithm updates.

Prove legitimacy
If you were going to purchase an item from an online store that has the message ‘Not Secure’ in the address bar, are you likely to complete the transaction? If users see your website is secure, you prove your legitimacy as a safe, trusted website.

Increased credibility
If a customer feels your website is legitimate and secure, they are far more likely to continue with their visit from a trusted website over one that isn’t.

Keep data secure between servers
Last, but by no means least, an SSL website will keep your information safe from potential hackers or phishers who want to access your information. The use of HTTP/2 protocol, that results in serious loading speed gains, is also only supported by browsers over encrypted connection.

Where can I buy an SSL Certificate!?

SSL Certificates can only be issued from a trusted Certificate Authority who can verify the identity and legitimacy for any any entity requesting a certificate and the good news is you can purchase one from our web design agency in Knutsford!

For prices or for more information on SSL Certificates, you can get in touch with James by calling our office on 01565 653616 or head over to our contact page and send us an email.

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