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Is your website not mobile friendly? Do you already have a website but can’t manage or make any simple changes? As a web design agency in Cheshire, we hear these same questions every day. In fact, we hear them so much, we decided to offer a full website redesign service.

It doesn’t matter if you want your new mobile-friendly website to look the same as your current one, or if you want a shiny new design from scratch, untitled™ will deliver a full website redesign and rebuild service. We will even build your website redesign on WordPress and provide you with full WordPress training so not only will your website look great across all devices, you can add and manage content easily.

Why is having a responsive website important?

We’ll help you define your website goals with several different digital marketing services.

Not only has mobile surpassed desktop search for a number of years now, Google will now openly favour mobile-first websites over the traditional desktop version. This means if you’re website isn’t responsive; it will impact your search results and make any digital marketing activity worthless.

When a user submits a search enquiry, this would historically display content relevant to their search which may cause issues for mobile searchers when that version is vastly different from the mobile version. In a world where users can instantly find information from their fingertips, search engines want to replicate this by helping primarily mobile users find what they are looking for instantly with mobile-first indexing.

Historically, email marketing was sending a blanket promotion to your distribution list. As a digital marketing agency based in Cheshire, we have the skills to offer a full email marketing service. From planning a full campaign design right through to content creation, we design and deliver your email marketing message. We can also help you to analysis how your audience reacts to your email marketing so you can identify what works for your customers.

Website rebuild service

Do you struggle to make simple website changes, or want to change your call-to-action? Whatever your reasons, we offer a full website rebuild service to accommodate your goals. As a professional web design agency, we can rebuild and relaunch your website with a very quick timeframe. All we will need is any assets and a look through your existing website and we will do the rest.

On top of a website redesign and rebuild service, we will also provide full website relaunch checklist. This activity comprises of speed testing, responsive review and website redirects.
We are untitled™, a creative web design agency based in Knutsford, Cheshire.
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