We review the new WordPress 4.1 Update

For the millions of you who use the most popular blogging system on the web, Christmas didn’t just bring unwanted presents or rowing relatives, it saw the release of the brand-new WordPress 4.1 update. Appropriately given the codename of ‘Dinah’ (named after American singer Dinah Washington) the platform was released worldwide on December 18th 2014.

As a Cheshire web agency, we are always motivated by technology such as Content Management Systems (CMS) that provide the user with the power to create something beautiful. In our latest blog, we provide an update on what’s new and review the new features inside our WordPress blog.

WordPress in Numbers

  • WordPress can be translated into over 40 languages
  • Over 340 new posts are published every minute worldwide
  • As an international company, WordPress only employee 229 people
  • Of the top 10 million websites, 23.3% are WordPress websites
  • MTV News, The New Yorker, Sony Music & BBC America are just a select few big name brands that use WordPress

WordPress 4.1 New Features

  • Twenty Fifteen Responsive Theme
  • Install Language Packs
  • Inline Image Editing
  • New Distraction Free Writing Mode

Twenty Fifteen Responsive Theme

As with all new updates, WordPress usually rolls out a brand-new default theme that is free for all users. With the 4.1 update, WordPress have introduced the brand-new ‘Twenty Fifteen’ blogging theme.

Available with 6 different colour schemes to choose from, the ‘Twenty Fifteen ‘blog theme has been designed responsively with a mobile first approach so the theme looks great across all devices. With the WordPress beginner in mind, the theme has been built using the customizer so users can quickly and easily modify the default theme to make it their own. The theme also emphasises on typography. It uses Google’s ‘Noto Serif’ and ‘Sans’ fonts so it can support over 40 languages.

WordPress Twenty Fifteen Example

Twenty Fifteen Responsive Blog Theme 

Install Language Packs

When installing WordPress 4.1, you can now select and install over 40 different languages inside the language installation pack! Don’t worry, if you have already installed languages but need to make a change, WordPress 4.1 allows you to make the change by simply accessing the Settings and selecting ‘General Screen’. Simply select your language from the drop down menu and WordPress will install the language for you.

Regardless of being a Cheshire Web Agency to hairdressers in Sweden, with the language packs you can reach an international audience!

WordPress Language Extension Pack

Languages are only a click of a button away.

Inline Image Editing

From a WordPress beginner standpoint, when creating blog posts it can become difficult to align images inside the post editor. With the 4.1 update, users can simply click on an image and instantly see alignment options. So just as easy as using any Microsoft Word version, it is now incredibly simple to align images on your posts, WordPress even suggests suitable alignment options.

WordPress Image Alignment Tool

The new Inline Image Editor

New Distraction Free Writing Mode

So you are writing down your thoughts and you are often distracted by all the menus right? Well with the new distraction free writing mode, you can easily switch between normal writing mode and distraction free editor. Instead of it opening a new screen, it in fact fades away the left admin menu which can quickly and easily be brought back at your convenience.

To quote WordPress developer Matt Mullenweg “This new version of distraction-free writing has a persistent button, and the mode doesn’t mean you enter a new screen, but it instead fades away the left admin, the metaboxes to the right and below, while the editor itself remains as opposed to offering a modified editor like before.”

Additional Features

Log Out Anywhere, Everywhere: If you have forgotten to log out on somebody else’s device or perhaps a shared computer, you can now go to your profile and log out everywhere on every device.

Plugin Recommendations: You have access to over 30,000 different Plugins so chances are you will install one at some point. With the new update, WordPress will provide recommendations based on what Plugins you have installed.


As a Cheshire Web Agency, we hope you local web developers, content managers and WordPress users are excited about the new changes that WordPress 4.1. is bringing in its latest release.

If you currently have a WordPress website, or are looking for a creative web agency to design a WordPress for you, why not get in touch with James Cox on 01565 653616.

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