Twitter introduce advertising for small businesses

Twitter Advertising For Small Businesses

With over 313 million monthly active users sending 500 million tweets each day, I think it’s a fair assumption to guess people come to Twitter to instantly discover what’s happening in the world, to share information, and to more importantly interact and connect with people or businesses around the globe.

From a freelance designer to an international branding chain, it doesn’t really matter what size or type of business industry you are, Twitter offers the same equal opportunity to each business to reach their set objectives from reaching a global audience of new and existing customers to creating brand awareness.

Following the introduction of twitter advertising, our Cheshire web agency will offer an insight into Twitter Advertising and how any small business can look to easily set their own objectives along with addressing any other burning questions you may have.

Still Not Convinced Twitter Is The Correct ROI Social Media Tool?

66% have discovered a new small or medium-sized business on Twitter

94% of customers plan to purchase from the small or medium-sized business they follow

69% of sales are purchased from a small or medium-sized business because of something they saw on Twitter

Source – Twitter

Getting Started With Twitter Advertising

Before we go any further, you will need to have a twitter account. Although twitter accounts are completely free to create on a personal or business model, a small fee may occur if you plan on using twitter advertising. Once you have logged into your twitter account, simply click on ‘Advertise with Twitter’ which you will see on the right-hand side of your dashboard, most probably underneath ‘Who to follow’.

Create An Objective

Once on the twitter advertising dashboard, you will be greeted with a list of objectives to choose from. Personally speaking as a Cheshire web design agency, we may have the objective of improving website traffic and lead generation so we would need to set up two different campaigns, one dedicated to website clicks or conversations and the other lead generation. Twitter has made things much easier by creating two categories that each objective falls into which are;

Create Engagement – Followers, Tweet Engagement, Video News &Awareness

Drive Performance – Website clicks or conversions, App installs or re-engagements & Lead generation

Twitter Small Business Campaign

Creating A Twitter Advertising Campaign

For the purpose of this blog, I thought I would provide a simple guide on how you can easily set-up your own advertising campaign. Although each objective may be present slightly different fields, in this example, I will run through setting up a campaign for ‘Website Clicks or Conversions’.

Firstly, you will need to set up your campaign. Here you simply name your campaign then you can choose to run the campaign immediately and continuously until you delete or you can set start and end dates. Next, you will need to select a category which best describes your business industry ALONG with the domain of your website. Don’t worry, if you intend on using a landing page, this field is NOT the destination or landing page URL where users will be directed on ad click.

Twitter Audience Campaign ExampleSelecting Your Audience

Next, you will need to select your audience. Here, you can go into as much or as little detail by selecting to target twitter users based on locations such as Cheshire for small businesses, or North West or even the United Kingdom for larger scale businesses.

If you have a particular audience you want to target such as mobile users, you can set your campaign to only target twitter users based on Gender, Location and even Devices such as platforms and carriers.

Then finally, you can set or limit your campaign based on keywords, followers or interest so you reach your target audience.

Twitter Advertising Budget ExampleSet Your Campaign Budget

So now we have set up our objective campaign and chosen our audience, next we have to set a campaign budget which can be split into a daily and maximum budget.

When you set a daily maximum, you can cap the amount you will spend each day. There isn’t a minimum or maximum value so every sized business doesn’t need to go overboard and campaign resets at midnight. You can also set a total budget which is an optional choice. Here your campaign will stop running once your budget has been reached.

Regardless of what engagement or performance campaign you select, you will only pay for what your campaign is intended for so in this example, when somebody clicks our twitter campaign and visits our landing URL.

Choose Your 'Creatives'

You can promote existing Tweets or create new ones give people a reason to take action. All Tweets must include a URL or Website Card. Once you have completed the final step, you can preview what your campaign will look like on a web browser or mobile device.

Twitter Campaign Summary

If you are interested in getting more followers for your Twitter account, increasing exposure for your business, and promoting your tweets to a relevant audience, then give Twitter Advertising a try…

If increasing exposure for your business, improving website clicks or increasing followers sounds like something that your business could benefit with, I would strongly recommend giving Twitter Advertising a try. If you would like any help setting up a twitter campaign or creating and maintaining your social media account, why not get in touch with the Cheshire web agency experts? Give our Knutsford office a call on 01565 653616 or send me an email at