Turn your website traffic into quality leads with untitled™

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Ok, so you have engaged with and appointed a Cheshire web-design agency to deliver you a brand new website. So what happens next, do you sit back and patiently wait for quality leads to drip through? You may have a visually stunning website that generates great traffic but if your leads do not contact you, you don’t know who they are or what part of your website interests them right?

That’s what sets untitled™ apart from the competition. We firmly believe your customers become our customers when we deliver a brand new website and we only achieve our goals when we know your website is starting to attract quality leads.

We are always striving to find new and better ways to ensure our new and existing customers achieve (and can track) a return on investment from their digital marketing and web based activities. With this in mind, we have now partnered with Lead Forensics and their partner programme to allow greater visibility of your website traffic. Please watch this short video for an insight on how this software captures quality leads when visiting your website.

So what is Lead Forensics?

Roughly 5% of your overall website visitors will directly contact you, so what happens with the other 95%? Does it fall into a black hole and remain a mystery? That’s where Lead Forensics steps in. Lead Forensics is the UK’s leading website visitor tracking software tool designed to reveal the identity of the other 95% who visited your website. By capturing the data, Lead Forensics provides the relevant information so you can instantly turn these visitors into warm leads along with the following services…

  • Captures who has visited your website
  • Tracks what services or products they may be interested by recording which website pages they visited
  • Provides instant contact information so you can communicate with warm leads
  • Define your own criteria to prioritise your best leads
  • Automatic alerts when a visitor or business revisits your website
  • Optimise your sales life-cycle to keep track of every step of the sales process

If this service interests you, please do not hesitate to fire James a quick email so we can arrange a more detailed discussion or run through on how you can capture quality leads and gain a much better return on investment.


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