The Ultimate Twitter Guide For Any Small Business

The Ultimate Twitter Guide For Any Small Business

Did you know 92% of businesses will tweet more than once a day? Twitter is a powerful platform for instantly targeting and engaging with your target market. But why do so many small businesses neglect or favour other social media platforms?

Do you as a small business owner have twitter? Are you not getting the results you want? With the new interface changes, our Cheshire web design agency have put together the ultimate twitter guide for any small business.

Join us as we discuss if twitter is right for your business and how you can create and implement an effective twitter strategy so you can make the most of your digital marketing efforts.

So, is twitter suitable for my business?

Twitter is very much what’s happening, right now. It’s the perfect platform for users to see and participle in instant, bite-sized conversation about almost any subject in the world.

So, is twitter suitable for my business? Honestly, it depends on your business industry and how your user’s behaviour will interact and impact your brand, products and services.

Below is an infographic collected by Twitter on which industries have the most influence.

Twitter industry influence.

Set your objectives and define your goals.

Okay, so we have defined if twitter is suitable for you, so what happens after you have created your account? If you do not set any objectives or define any goals, then what’s the point in branding and promoting your business on twitter?

Small business objectives and goals can be anything from increasing brand awareness to becoming an information source on topics, but you need to have clear objectives and goals you can measure which can include:

  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Generate new business
  • Increase your number of followers
  • Promote your brand, products and/or services
  • Become a customer support channel at all hours
  • Track industry trends and competition
  • Become an information source on topics e.g. vegan recipes.

Research your competition & identify your target audience

As a local Cheshire web design agency, we already have a good idea of who our local competitors are, so I would advise researching and gathering information about your local competition on social media.

If you are not sure who your competitors are, simply search for your business and/or key products and services on Google to identify local competitors. Finding social media on their website should be very straightforward. Once you have found their twitter profiles, take a look at who they are following, any mutual followers and who you want to target.

Now you have researched your competition, you need to identify your target audience. By implementing this with your objectives and goals, take a look at each competitor’s twitter strengths and weaknesses. Do they have lots of followers? Do they interact with their users to provide a help centre? Look at the search feature to see what/why users are talking about your competitors and how you can capitalise on this. By putting all this information together, identify what you want to identify from your target audience and how you plan to implement this.

Share a variety of quality content

According to a recent Twitter survey, users are 31% more likely to recall what they saw on Twitter. As a small business or a digital marketer, you need to find new ways to capture users’ attention on their terms. Instead of tailoring your content based around your most recent blogs, it should be a variety of promotional, interactive and relevant content which will appeal to your audience, and hopefully attract more of the users you want to target.

Afterall, tweets with video attract 10x as much engagement. You can share a variety of quality content such as:

  • Promotional content
  • Relevant blog posts and articles
  • Upcoming events
  • Content produced by other companies
  • Interactive content (e.g. quizzes and competitions)
  • Engaging questions

Customer support around the clock

Sometimes users want an instant answer and will often turn to communicating with you over various social media channels. By engaging with users and followers, not only can you offer customer support around the clock, you can also start to build a reputable and trustworthy list of followers at the same time.

In addition to responding to users who reach out to you, do not be afraid to actively search for users who are talking about your business, or even products/services you offer, even if it’s in a negative way. If you come across users who are talking about you, this presents the perfect opportunity to engage with these users to provide a solution. Not only is it possible to convert these users into loyal followers, it also means other users will see how you interact with potential customers to also influence them in following your business.

Cheshire Web Design Verdict – Twitter Guide For Any Small Business

From adding your logo to defining your objectives, if you would like any help with your twitter account, please do not be afraid to contact your local Cheshire web design agency.

After reading this guide, I hope you have taken at least one thing away from our ultimate twitter guide for any small business and will look to implement it into your twitter marketing activities.

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