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Three Solutions for Three Different Audiences
As we have grown, we have followed our customers. We have developed three defined solutions, each for a specific need and audience: Full Service, Responsive Rebuild, and Clubs Websites.

Full Service

New or Replacement Business Websites
This is the core of our business: a full service solution for clients who are ready to engage with their customers and grow their business through digital media. Typical Full Service projects start at about £3000+VAT, plus one of our monthly Agency Membership support and hosting packages.
We’d love to say our clients are hugely proactive in the redevelopment of their websites and online presence. However, on the whole it is often a problem with their existing website, supplier, or technology that becomes the driving need for a change. But this ‘need’ is not often the right basis for investment. At untitled™ we will support you in clearly defining the purpose, goals, and strategy for your new project, along with a clarity of how the project’s success should be measured. To understand more, please read about our philosophy. Every project is estimated to provide a clear outline of the likely fees to match your business goals. These estimates are continually reviewed to ensure we are on track to deliver the project goals and to ensure your continued happiness with the direction and progress of the project. Budgets would ideally be set based on the nature of your business, your goals and the potential returns on the investment. However typical Full Service projects start at about £3000+VAT, plus one of our monthly Agency Membership support and hosting packages.   Please see our rough rule of thumb for digital spend as a percentage of business turnover:
  • Digital Credibility – passive but necessary, including your base website, social profiles, hosting and ongoing system and maintenance updates – 0.5% to 2% (min. £150 pcm)
  • Digital Marketing – active but optional based on likely Return on Investment. Including social media activity, blogging, new SEO content, PPC, email marketing activity, referral marketing etc – 2% to 8%
  • Total = 2.5% to 10%

Responsive Rebuild

Replacement Business Websites for the Mobile World
An elegant, powerful solution for refreshing and replacing outdated business websites without requiring major investment. Prices for this service start at £395+VAT, plus one of our monthly Agency Membership support and hosting packages.
Many businesses are stuck with old, tired, non-mobile-friendly websites.
Their sites no longer reflect well on their company’s brand, are ineffective at engaging customers, and are built with outdated technology. Contact with the original developer has often been lost. Something needs to be done, but a brand new website can seem too large an investment – if not in terms of money, at least in terms of time.
Our Responsive Rebuild solution is tailored to fit.
We rebuild old websites on the latest WordPress content management system, making it mobile friendly, refreshing the design, and cleaning away the cobwebs. We use the old site’s appearance to inform the new site’s design – which drastically cuts down on the costs – but tweak it to fit the latest trends. And best of all, the WordPress system means that the site is future-proof – any developer in the world can keep it up to date. Prices for this service start at £395+VAT, plus one of our monthly Agency Membership support and hosting packages. For more information take a look at our rebuild page.

Clubs Websites

Mobile-friendly websites designed specifically for local clubs and groups.
If you run a local club or group, you’ll want a website which meets your needs without breaking your budget or adding extra admin work. This package is exactly what you’re looking for. Club websites start from £1 per day, including our Hosting Only ongoing package.
untitled™ have ‘clubbed’ together with, the local kids clubs listing website, to develop a superbly designed and engineered WordPress based website ‘template’ that is fast, flexible and 100% mobile friendly, and available for your club. We will customise it with your logo, images, text, videos, colours and then host and maintain it for the unparalleled price of £1 per day. And the best bit….you can keep your new website up to date, by simply sending it an email! Click to read more about the awesome email to update functionality. This is currently exclusively available to local (i.e. not national) Kids Clubs that meet either or both of the following criteria:
  • If your website isn’t mobile friendly. (use this free Google test if you are unsure)
  • If you aren’t able to update the website yourself.
To see if you are eligible please email us with your contact details and your website address by clicking here. If you are interested in developing a solution for a new sector, please contact us now.
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