Social Media Watch: LinkedIn Analytics

It’s been a while since we last wrote something about LinkedIn, almost three years to be exact!

Well over the last few months, LinkedIn have quietly introduced several new updates including LinkedIn Page Analytics. Like how Google analytics works, this will allow smaller businesses to analysis, identify and better understand how users connect and engage with marketing content and how they interact with your business profile.

Inside this article, join our Knutsford web agency and we will introduce you to LinkedIn analytics so you can gain a deeper understanding in how users connect and engage with your business inside our latest social media watch.

Quick introduction to LinkedIn For Business

With over 575 million users, and 30 million registered companies, LinkedIn is the ultimate B2B business and employment-oriented social networking platform. By publishing press releases, articles and news, your business can interact and engage with other educated, industry related users in a professional networking environment.

In terms of B2B digital marketing success, LinkedIn has some very impressive stats;

  • 45% of LinkedIn users are in upper management
  • 80% percent of B2B leads generated on social media come from LinkedIn
  • 94% percent of B2B marketers on social media use LinkedIn to publish content

Introduction to LinkedIn Analytics

How much is a new customer worth to you? What kind of LinkedIn statistics will help you create the perfect digital marketing strategy? LinkedIn Analytics offers a great insight into how users interact with your profile and how they engage with your updates and content.

Along with providing a snapshot overview of your LinkedIn Analytics when you visit your business profile, LinkedIn Analytics is also split into three different options; visitors, updates and followers.

As you can see, when you next visit your business profile, you are given a dashboard snapshot of well your profile has performed over the last 30 days compared to the previous month.

LinkedIn Analytics Introduction

Visitor Analytics

After clicking ‘Visitor’s you will be given an instant snapshot of how your profile has performed over the last 30 days from data recorded in the ‘Visitor Highlights’.

Moving onto the ‘Visitor Metric’s, here you can really investigate into the data. You have the ability to modify the different ranges so you can extract data based on time range, different pages and even unique visitors. You can also enable desktop and mobile traffic so you can see the performance across different devices.

The visitor demographic is also interesting data as it shows you what the user researched before landing on your page so you can see what type of quality lead they could be.

LinkedIn Analytics Visitor Analytics Data

Update Analytics

Similar to how the Visitor’s Metric’s works, the ‘Update Analytics’ features Update Highlight which focuses on engagement and interaction for both organic and sponsored updates you have posted over the last 30 days.

The Update Metrics offers more insight as you will be able to filter the data by time range along with which type of metric you want to see. The type of metrics offer more insight than visitor, as you can monitor clicks, likes, impressions, shares and other types of interactions with your update.

Update Engagement – Now speaking as a Knutsford web agency, the update engagement is your digital marketing hub as it showcases how well each induvial update performs in a nice, easy table including information such as when it was posted, impressions, clicks, shares, likes and much more.

LinkedIn Analytics - Content Update Analytics

Follower Analytics

The ‘Follower Analytic’ displays information about your followers and how they engage with your business profile. Much like Visitor and Update, Follower Analytics offers a snapshot overview of the last 30 days and how many new visitors have started to follow your brand.

The Follower Metric highlights the number of new followers across any time range you wish to specify. You can also differentiate if the users started to follow your updates from viewing organic or sponsored (paid advertising) content.

And finally, we have the Follower Demographic. This will display the top locations of where your followers are from across both the UK and around the world. Although many businesses will be UK-based so the demographics won’t be as relevant, LinkedIn do also provide a list of companies who they consider to be within the same industries and interests to track so you can monitor how rivals are performing.

Content Suggestions

Another new feature that is certainly worth reviewing is content suggestions. Here, you simply fill out which industry you are targeting, the location and the type of audience you are trying to attract, and LinkedIn will provide an estimate of your audience size and highlight recent updates.

If you are putting effort into digital marketing, this feature means you can analyse what content works by investing how users are interacting with each update.

LinkedIn Analytics Content Suggestions

Knutsford Web Agency: LinkedIn Analytics Update

If you don’t already have a LinkedIn account set up for your business, I would certainly create a free account so you can start to target more professional leads. As you build your profile with followers and updates, the analytics will really allow you to gage what works and what doesn’t.

If you would like any help setting up a LinkedIn business profile or would like to discuss any other ways we can help grow your website, contact your local Knutsford Web Agency.