Small Business Guide: What is Google Surveys?

Marketing research is one of the most influential tools any business can use to help make key business decisions. Whatever your industry, marketing research can help you understand your customers, identify and your local competition or learn how much users are prepared to pay for products or services.

However, not all businesses necessarily have the time, money or resource to invest in online marketing research to facilitate key business decisions, but we may have just the answer…

Inside this article, our Knutsford Web Agency will introduce to Google Surveys, and how you can create and learn marketing insights from real people using real answers. Join us on our small business guide to Google Surveys

What is Google Surveys?

Real People, Real Answers. Created in 2012, then later rebranded Google Surveys in 2016, Google Surveys is a business product created by Google to facilitate customized market research.

Google Surveys offers fast, efficient and cost-effective ways into gathering valuable insights into the minds of your target audiences. By engaging users with Google Surveys in exchange for content, marketers can gather real data from real users to gain insights to make smarter and quicker business decisions within a fraction of the time compared to traditional market research.

So, how does Google Surveys work?

Good question, you can create your survey and reach your audience in three easy steps. Design your survey, create your target audience then finally collect and analyse your results.

Design Your Survey

With the ability to create up to 10 questions per survey, marketers can create questions using a variety of different question formats such as single answer questions, multiple choice, star ratings and finally image and video-based questions.

Speaking as a professional Knutsford web agency, we would advise businesses to explore the various question. For example, formats such as side-by-side images will help you gain insight into what image works better to better advertise a product you may sell on your website. You could also use rating style question to help you identify how likely users would recommend a particular product or service.

Google Surveys: Design Your Survey

Create your target audience

As a brand or business, you want to target the right audience.

Once you have created your survey questions, Google Surveys have introduced a very cool feature where you can choose who you want to respond to your surveys. You can filter your audience based on demographics such as location, language, gender and age to ensure you right the right audience.

Furthermore, you have the option to target a blend of both desktop or mobile users or just smartphone users. This is a particularly useful tool if you looking to target mobile customers.

Now you have designed your survey and built your target audience, Google Surveys will provide a rough pricing estimate of how much it will cost you when a user completes the survey.

Google Surveys: Create Target Audience

Confirm Survey & Analysis your results

Now we have ran through how to design your survey and create your target audience, we need to confirm then analysis the results right? Now we have picked our audience, next you can set your desired number of responses and how frequent you want the add to appear.

Once your survey has been published, you can see initial results within a few hours. The analysed data is delivered in easy-to-navigate graphs, including demographic segmentations and cross-tabs so you can easily identify insights that will help your online business thrive.

Because Google Surveys are part of the Google Marketing Platform for small business this means that you can not only easily share results with other members of your business via email, links or spreadsheet exports, you can also integrate them with other Google Products such Analytics.

Google Surveys Analytics

Knutsford Web Agency: Google Surveys Verdict

Speaking as a professional Knutsford Web Agency, we would certainly recommend Google Surveys as a quick way to understand what your target audience wants. The process is very straightforward and as an added bonus that this product integrates with other Google Products so you can easily share and collaborate work.

If you are looking to use Google Surveys and need any assistance setting up your surveys, or simply want to discuss any other ideas on the growth of your business website, please do get in touch by contacting untitled™.

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