Secrets To A Successful Contact Page

Knutsford Web Design - Secrets To A Successful Contact Page

When you think about website design, I’m guessing you will typically think about a shinny new homepage or perhaps a new promotional landing page right!? Well, did you know for many small business websites, the contact page is actually one of the most visited pages after your homepage?

For many websites, the contact page is usually thrown up a quick afterthought tick-box exercise with very little call-to-action or attention to detail. Sometimes, a poorly designed contact page can almost look like it doesn’t fit with the rest of the website.

In most cases, the contact page is the very beginning of your relationship with potential new customers. Today, our Knutsford Web Agency will introduce you to several secrets to successful contact page with suitable hints, tips and advice.

How well is your current Contact Page performing?

Firstly, we need to understand how well your current contact page is performing to understand how much/little traffic it generates, and to see if users are missing your call-to-action such as clicking a telephone number or filling out your contact form.

In Analytics, you can quickly identify which are your top 10 most visited pages over any selected time period. The data will also include the number of pages views as both a percentage and a number. Simply select Behaviour > Overview and you will be presented with your data.

Analytics - Contact Page Performance

What is my contact form bounce rate?

As a Knutsford Web Agency, we work with a third-party to ensure we get the most accurate data for all our customer websites. If we created your website, you can simply login to the dashboard of your WordPress website and navigate to Insights >> Reports then choose ‘Publishers’ and this will present a list of your top 10 performing pages, including the bounce rate for each page.

Bounce Rate Definition – This is the percentage of visitors who navigate away to another webpage without interacting with any call-to-action. According to MonsterInsights, the general rule of thumb is a good bounce rate is anything under 50%.

Secrets to a successful contact page

Set a clear call to action
The whole purpose of your contact page is to get users to contact you, so you need to set an instant and clear call to action. Create a clear, simple contact form where users can easily fill out and submit any enquiry.

For certain business websites, you may decide against a contact form, but you might want users to sign up to your newsletter or phone you. Again, it’s perfectly fine to create more than one call-to-action goals so if a user decided not to fill out a contact form, make sure they do not miss your phone number or sign up to your newsletter.

Include your email and phone number
As a Knutsford Web Agency, when we audit websites you wouldn’t believe how businesses forget to include vital information such as email or phone numbers.

Sometimes, users will prefer to contact you over the phone by sending you a personal email or may want to discuss issues over the phone so it’s critical you offer all the contact information you can to reduce those bounce rates.

Social Media Links
If a user reaches your contact page, they are already further along in your sales funnel. By providing links to your social media, you are giving users more opportunities to engage and interact with your business. If they are likely to follow your call-to-action, they are more likely to follow and engage with your business on social media.

Redirect to Thank You Page
There is no worse feeling other than filling out a long-detailed contact form, hitting the send button and not knowing if the form was even submitted correctly. Did the website receive your details? Is the contact form working?

By redirecting users to a ‘Thank You’ page, not only will you reassure the user that they have filled out the contact form successfully, it also presents on last marketing opportunity. When a user lands on that Thank You page, they are likely to leave your website, so here’s your chance to present users with blog articles or your portfolio to keep them engaged in your business.

Knutsford Web Design Verdict

No matter what size business or industry you are involved in, all contact pages need to engage with your audience and provide an instant and clear call to action. If you join out Knutsford Web Design Care Package, we also implement Analytic Goals so we can record progress on how many times a user will complete any goals such as clicking a phone number or successfully filling out a contact form.

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