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Having passed the development and testing stages with flying colours, our Knutsford based team accompanied by Vid-CV’s managing director Chris Rowson, are now delighted to announce the launch of Vid-CV which is set to change the dynamics of the recruitment industry. Vid-CV is the revolutionary next step in the job market for both potential agencies and job candidates to get involved in, with already a number of established companies signed up. This emerging new platform allows job hunters the opportunity to break the CV barriers and offer a better visual insight into their personal qualities and characteristics.

“In choosing partners to work with on Vid-CV a huge criteria was knowing that the working relationship could be shaped to suit our culture. The team at Untitled™ were thankfully very receptive to working in a way which suited the relationship in a mutually beneficial way. The result was an excellently delivered solution with Vid-CV and an extremely strong working relationship to work together going forward as our business develops. Untitled™ have a tremendous passion for their clients projects to succeed which is something that almost every design agency say but rarely back up. Untitledback up their actions with quality, passion and honesty.” – Managing Director Chris Rowson