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Since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, over 2.2 billion items of PPE have been distributed to the health and social care system across England by July. Roughly breaking these numbers down, these figures include 405 million masks, 338 million aprons and over 1.2 billion gloves.

With the government facing criticism to keep up with demand, around 30 billion items of PPE have been ordered overall from UK-based manufacturers and international partners.

In the height of the pandemic, our Cheshire web design agency were approached by a new company who were looking to create a new e-commerce website where they can sell PPE items directly from their online store.

Based here in the UK, The PPE Lab are UK suppliers of certified PPE products and equipment including hand sanitiser, face masks and other personal protective equipment pus the very latest in hi-tech solutions. Both high quality and independently tested, millions of The PPE Lab products are used throughout the NHS, retail, hospitality and medical sectors every day.

Requiring a brand new website along with additional e-commerce services, we agreed to deliver the new website within a short timeframe. Delivering a website with easy navigation with a aesthetic design, the website was successfully up and running within a week.

Are you a start-up business or looking to expand your market by implementing e-commerce services? We are a Cheshire based web design agency who has worked with both start-up and large organisations in offering our e-commerce services to help get you up and running. We can build and customise your e-commerce store with your branding and style in mind to make your e-commerce website visually appealing and stand out from your competition.

For more information, please take a look at our e-commerce services.

For more information on The PPE Lab or to take a look at an example of e-commerce services we can offer you, please visit The PPE Lab website. With 1000s of items in stock in their UK warehouse, The PPE Lab offer next day deliver if you order before 4pm for overnight delivery.