Merrydale Manor

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Having created the newly redesigned, fully responsive Colshaw Hall website in Autumn 2015, the wedding venue has continued to show overwhelming growth with a record number of bookings generated from the new website. Following it’s continued success, the Irlam Family, decided to introduce a brand new, bespoke venue, exclusively for weddings and events by introducing Merrydale Manor which is set to open in 2017.

Approaching their local web design agency in Knutsford, our team were tasked with creating the new website to match the continued success of parent venue, Colshaw Hall. Using the design of the Colshaw Hall website, our web design team in Knutsford replicated the build but added it’s own branding identity by incorporating the their own colour.

After successfully launching the website in April 2017, the Cheshire wedding venue has already taken many bookings during 2017. Although the venue isn’t expected to open until summer 2017, Merrydale Manor are able to provide a guide tour of the new estate, even whilst renovations continue to take place.

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