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Having worked with Peter Tobolski of Scalp Solutions, having launched the brand new Bao-Med brand and website in 2020, over time a blossoming working relationship has developed with our Knutsford web design agency.

Based in New Jersey USA, Mediceuticals Laboratories develops and delivers unique dermatological products that helps both your hair and scalp to be in optimum condition. Mediceuticals helps combat hair loss and thinning hair, along with providing effective methods of treatment of a wide range of specific hair and scalp problems.

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Established in the USA, Peter was looking to bring Mediceuticals products to the UK and after approaching our Knutsford web design agency, we were delighted to help Peter with the growth of the website. Following a briefing, we delivered a full online store with additional ecommerce services.

With all the products added to the system, the website was officially launched in June 2021.

Are you a business who are looking to grow with ecommerce services? Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, online shopping and ecommerce services have hit an all time high with users shopping habits dramatically changing, with users preferring to shop from home.

Having worked with new start-up businesses and national retailers, we can provide ecommerce services to help you get started selling your products online

For further information, please take a look at our ecommerce services or alternatively you can also submit an enquiry where a member of our team will be in touch to discuss your goals.