London Eye Hospital Pharma Rebuild

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Moving away from showcasing our full web design package, we thought this project would be the perfect opportunity to demonstrate our full WordPress rebuild service we offer.

Tasked with completing a full rebuild and re-launch within the next 14 days, the deadline certainly proved to be a challenge that our entire Cheshire web design team relished and passed with flying colours.

Taking the exact design from the current website, our team firstly completely rebuilt the existing website on a WordPress platform and in the process made it mobile friendly so visitors browsing the website could do so with ease on any mobile, tablet or desktop device. With the website ready, the rebuilt London Eye Pharma website went through the process of our re-launch checklist which redirecting any old or bad hyperlinks, contact form testing and browser compatibility to name just a few before the website was re-launched.

If you are looking to make your website mobile friendly or are looking for a website rebuild on WordPress, why take a look at our Promo offer and see what features our Cheshire web design agency can offer you.