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Our Client

S&D butchers have outlets in Hale Barns and Style both in Cheshire. They wanted a site that showed they were a traditional family business but were very modern thinking. One of the first butchers to sell ostrich burgers and similar “bush tucker” meats. They see what the customer needs are and fill it.

On our first visit to Style, which is in a beautifully presented and maintained farm type environment, we bought several of there “in house” pasties and pies….wow…. If you go do not miss the opportunity to take plenty of these home as they are only available through the shops or a very select food outlets.

They also specialise in doing some great ready seasoned/prepared meats that are ready to just throw in the oven when you get home. We also have spoken to customers that have travelled for hours…yes..hours to get their meat from S&D Kirk.

Project challenges

We wanted give a modern feel to the site yet keep the feel they are a family business and have strong values in butchery. With a very long standing logo in place we needed to work with the logo an colours already in place. We wanted some clean fresh photos with the same perspective and lighting to run in the banner across the top, we also wanted to show the shops of as they give some real credibility and presence to their business.So to get the images we needed commissioned and directed a photo shoot.

As with all sites it was important to find the right medium that allowed the client to keep the site fresh with new content, so we put a Recipe page in place that they update on a regular basis. Showing their passion and knowledge in their field of expertise. 

A great Cheshire based client that produces great quality produce that we are able to show of.