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As the relationship between Symatrix and untitled™ only continues to strengthen, it was only natural for Mandy Chapman and Vickey Wallis of Symatrix to task our Knutsford Web Agency with creating the identity HR Cubed, a sister company who are HR professionals who enable HR departments to achieve their transformation objectives by delivering a comprehensive process and change management programme.

HR Cubed Website

Starting from scratch HR Cubed worked closely with our Knutsford Web Agency to create the brand identity in the form of a logo design project with direction on the colour palette. Following approval of  the design, the website was quickly constructed on WordPress, the same foundation used for the Symatrix website to not only deliver a fully responsive website, but the team who trained to use the Symatrix website were quickly familiar with the surroundings so could easily add and update any content changes they wish to make.

With both the clients and the team happy with the final results, the website was launched in mid-November.

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