Button Legal

Our Client

Button Legal are based in Coventry and want to put themselves back on the map as the right choice for being the right choice in property, family, licencing and commercial law. 

Project challenges

They wanted to demonstrate how they are forward thinking and adaptable firm that are customer focussed and live in the real world.

Whilst the Chameleon presented quite a bit of a headache, as we didn't want to use flash but we all liked the idea of using an animal that was adaptable and changing, it has turned out to a great looking website and our little reptile friend looks great changing colour when a button is hovered over, by the use of some clever CSS3. The client is very proactive in delivering some great content for the website which makes it a very informative website as-well. Although not local to us, as they are based in Coventry, this relationship shows how that distance just doesn't have any impact on a job.