PassPack Review

Solution for :Password Management
Price :Free then tiered up to $40 a months
Mobile Version :Yes
Desktop Version :Yes
Integration with other WebApps:No

In a world where it seems that, by the day, we seem to have yet another password to remember, it gets to the point where we either forget them or end up using the same password for everything, hardly a security conscious approach!

There are several online password management systems and for a long time we used Clipperz, but due to the lack of mobile support we had to look elsewhere. On that note is was great to see import support for KeePass Password Safe XML, Roboform Logins/Passcards, Roboform SafeNotes, Clipperz JSON and Password Plus.

If you use any other method, as long as you can create a CSV file then you can easily import details.

Sign up is easy enough for the basic account which gives you a 100 password limit for life, increased limits carry a subscription cost. The interface is friendly and well laid out however remembering what each icon represents can be a little frustrating.

Here are some of the headline functions:

    • Share Passwords – you can select individual passwords to share with other users you have created.
    • 1 Click Login – PassPack will create a button that when clicked will take you to the site you want to visit and then enter the appropriate login details.
    • Tags – Use tagging to create groups.
    • Create favourites
    • <li

>Viewing security –

    When a “card” is open (see right), sensitive information such as Password or Notes are covered until you click “show”, which is great if you have someone standing over you.

  • Disposable Logins – So you can create a login that will only work once, this is perfect if you intend to use a public computer where someone might be watching or have ‘key logging’ software on the computer.
  • Notes – There is a large notes field for recording any other information relating to the account.
  • Password advice – PassPack will advise on the quality/strength of your password and even suggest one for you.
  • Easy add function – Add a button to your browser that allows you easily add new details when browsing.
  • Automatic Locking – If you leave it unattended for a pre determined amount of time it will lock you out.
  • Anti-phishing – Welcome Message helps protect scams.
  • Passpack Desktop tool for synced offline backup of your data.
  • Two factor authentication with Yubikey
  • Encrypted backups & restore – Full data portability.
  • On-screen virtual keyboard – thwarts common keyloggers as it will just record a mouse click.

But I guess the big question is “How safe is my data?”. Well PassPack uses AES encryption (the same as used by the US Government) and an SSL Secure Connection, they also claim that if someone was to get the data off their servers it would all be useless without the master password key, which they do not even know, as it is provided by you during login.

My response is the same as to those that still have concerns with purchasing online which is…you are happy to hand you credit card to a sales assistant or waitress that you know nothing about, or email a close friend bank details whilst on a wireless network at home, or logging into your bank at work. All these actions could be considered far more risky than using a service such as this, where everything is so encrypted that no one can view your details except you!

If like me you want to have all your account details in one place i.e. utility account numbers, telephone passwords, insurance details, bank accounts, important dates, website logins etc and want them safe yet accessible to you wherever you are, then