Our latest eCommerce website

After a long time looking and accessing lots eCommerce solutions we finally have one that has ticked all the boxes

To see and example of it in action, take a look at our latest site built using it: www.personalityltd.co.uk

Below are the Cart Features

Categories and Sub-Categories
  • Create a catalogue hierarchy will an unlimited amount of categories and sub-categories.
  • Paged browsing of categories is supported to optimize the page and improve the shopping experience.
  • A single product can be added to multiple categories.
  • SEO optimized product categories page – define the category URL, META description and title tags.
  • Separate catalogue module that can be placed in any content pane.
  • Import categories direct from .CSV file.
  • Create an unlimited amount of products.
  • Automatic re-sizing of product images (small, medium, large) based on your predefined settings.
  • Upload an unlimited amount of product images.
  • Assign products to a specific user role.
  • Image captions with a photo gallery slideshow.
  • Filter and search for products.
  • Optionally define related products to promote cross selling.
  • Advanced jQuery tabbed UI when viewing product details.
  • Define height / width / weight of your products.
  • Optionally allow a product to be “free shipping”.
  • Optionally limit the QTY of the product a customer can purchase per transaction.
  • Mark product as request for quote – RFQ
  • Stock inventory can choose to allow a user to checkout with a product that has 0 in stock or not.
  • SEO optimized product details page – define the product details URL, META description and title tags.
  • Easy online text editor for product description and summary.
  • Import / update products from .CSV file.
Product Variants
  • Create an unlimited amount of product variants.
  • Choose the variant option display e.g. dropdown list, checkbox, radio button or text box.
  • Define how the variant affects price and weight.
  • Define if the variant is mandatory or not.
  • Define if the variant requires user input.
  • Track stock quantities for each product variant, so you know exactly how many of each product variation you have in stock.
Product Offers
  • Create and manage product offers.
  • Define start, end date and offer price.
  • Offer is applied and removed from a product without any user interaction.
  • Create an unlimited amount of coupons that can be distributed to create a promotion or give specific users a discount.
  • Define rules for each coupon. e.g. minimum subtotal, can be used multiple times, start date, end date, customer email address, etc.
  • Offer a monetary or percentage discount.
  • User enters coupon at point of checkout optionally verify the coupon has not been used before or that the coupon belongs to the customer attempting to use it.
Product Discount Bundles
  • Create product discount bundles where a user receives a discount if they purchase 2 or more items at the same time.
  • Create an unlimited amount of product discount bundles.
  • Add an unlimited amount of products to a discount bundle.
  • Promote up-selling and maximise each sale via product discount bundles.
User Specific Pricing
  • Define a product price for a specific user.
  • Define a product price for a specific role.
  • When browsing the store the individual user price is displayed to that user.
  • Create an unlimited amount of user or role prices.
Digital Downloads
  • Define which products have a digital download.
  • Add an unlimited number of files per product.
  • Once purchased download file is automatically added to customers secure “Digital Download Locker” to allow them be download it at their leisure.
  • User clearly informed how to access their downloads.
Product Comparison
  • Allow users to select up to 4 products then compare them side by side!
  • Store admin defines the product details they can compare e.g. weight, size, model number etc.
  • Allow the user to quickly and easily see the advantage of 1 product over another.
  • Allow users to create and manage an unlimited amount of wishlists on your store.
  • Add an unlimited amount of products to a wishlist.
  • Wishlist automatically updated if admin deletes / edit a product in a users wishlist.
  • Anonymous users can create wishlists, then they will automatically be transferred into their user account if they then sign in to your store.
Product Reviews & Ratings
  • Enable / disable product reviews.
  • Product average rating calculated from customer reviews.
  • Product reviews approved by admin before appearing on site.
  • Reviews displayed in sophisticated tabbed UI on product details page.
  • Enable/disable/ delete or edit product reviews.
  • Optionally reject reviews that contain profanity.
  • Enable / disable shipping to be calculated on an order.
  • Real time shipping calculating via FedEx or USPS.
  • Define a standard shipping rate on all orders.
  • Define an unlimited amount of shipping rates by cart weight, speed of delivery and shipping destination.
  • Define an unlimited amount of shipping rates by cart subtotal, speed of delivery and shipping destination.
  • Define an unlimited amount of standards of shipping for each country e.g. saver, super saver, next day, etc.
  • If no shipping rates are defined for a users country, customers are prompted to contact the store for a quote.
  • Optionally charge VAT or tax on shipping costs.
  • Optionally define a product as “free shipping” so regardless of the shipping rules in place, this product will not incur a shipping cost
Tax & VAT
  • Based on stores location and the users billing address the cart will automatically works out if you need to charge VAT or tax.
  • Define VAT rates for: Zero rated product,Reduced rate products & Standard rate products
  • Assign each product to a VAT rate.
  • If based in USA choose to charge: Standard tax rate, No tax rate, Tax rate to home state only or Create tax tables so each state has individual tax rate.
  • Optionally assign a product as tax free.
  • Optionally charge VAT or tax on shipping costs.
Payment Methods
  • Let customer pick between online or offline payment methods at the point of checkout.
  • Real time credit card payments (Mastercard, VISA, Solo, Switch, Amex and Discover).
  • Offline payment methods (cash on delivery, cheque, purchase orders, etc).
  • Payment points – assign users points and allow users to purchase items based on the points they have in their accounts.
  • Allow users to assemble a cart then request a quote based on the items they have added to the cart.
Payment Gateways
  • Authorize.Net
  • First Data
  • Google Checkout
  • Multi Safe
  • PayPal Website Payments Standard
  • PayPal Website Payments Pro
Cart & Checkout
  • Advanced jQuery add / edit / delete items shopping cart functions.
  • Separate mini-cart control that can be added to any content pane.
  • User friendly wizard style checkout screen.
  • Separate billing and shipping addresses.
  • Logged in customers address is pre-populated to enable faster checkout.
  • International addresses supported.
  • Automatic email generation to admin and user once order has been created.
  • Optionally email user when order status is changed, optionally include message to user.
  • Optionally allow users to checkout anonymously.
  • If user checked out anonymously allow them to create an account based on the details they have entered after checkout has been completed.
  • SSL supported.
Store Administration
  • Simple intuitive administration UI.
  • Optionally roles to admin tasks as product management, order management etc.
  • Add/Edit/Delete products and categories.
  • Manage product reviews.
  • View, search and sort orders.
  • Update order statuses, optionally email users.
  • Product inventory see instantly how many items are in stock.
  • Search for products by name, category or items that are low in stock.
  • Export orders to .CSV file format.
  • Export sales data to .XLS file format.
Order PDF
  • Store admin or customer can download a PDF receipt of any order that has been placed.
  • Admin can define an image along with header and footer text to brand the PDF as per your needs.
Sales Reporting
  • Automatically calculate your sales data for the current day and at a glance allows you to see how that compares to yesterday and the average of the last 30 days.
  • View sales data by product or category for specific date you enter.
  • Export sales data to .XLS format.
  • Export order data to .CSV file format.
  • Plot last 30 days of sales data in graph format.
  • Search for orders by username, order status or order id.
My Account Module
  • Separate my account module included.
  • Edit their account profile settings – billing / shipping address etc.
  • Users can view / search through their order history.
  • Securely download any digital downloads they may have purchased.
  • View the current order status and any message that have been set by admin.
Product News Letter
  • Separate product newsletter module, allow users to sign up to your store product newsletter.
  • Product newsletter automatically sent with no human interaction.
  • Admin define send frequency and limits products to include in the newsletter.
  • Allow users to un-subscribe from product newsletter.
  • Product newsletter is templated HTML based so can be branded to suit your needs.
Product Widget Module
  • Separate product widget module that can be used to display products anywhere on your DNN portal.
  • Select products to display in product widget module by: random, top sellers, by category, individual selection, products currently on special offer and newly added.
  • Complete control over the HTML output so you have complete control of the layout of the product widget.
RSS 2.0 Feeds
  • Optionally expose RSS 2.0 feeds based on the product data in your store.
  • 3 different RSS 2.0 feeds: top selling products, newly added products and featured products.
HTML Email Templates
  • All emails that the store sends are HTML based so you can customize then to suit your needs.
  • Fully HTML enabled so you can brand the emails as per your needs.
Define the Store Currency
  • The following currencies are supported USD $, GBP £, Euro €,Australian dollars (AUD), Canadian dollars (CAD), Mexican peso (MXN) and Swiss francs (CHF) .
  • Optionally allow customers to place donations.
  • Allow the customer to enter a name associated with the donation.
Multi-language Support
  • We currently have the resource files translated into English, French, German, Spanish and Dutch. However the cart can be translated into any language you require!
Advanced Templating
  • Data and presentation kept separate allowing you to create your own templates without any programming knowledge.
Google Analytic eCommerce & Event Tracking
  • Full eCommerce & event tracking support integration into Google analytics.
  • Track 25 different types of events inside your store.
  • Provides detailed statistical analysis how customers are users your store.
  • Quickly and easily find customer trend and shopping habits!