Our knowledge so far with Google Penguin

What does Google Penguin mean?

Penguin (also referred to as “webspam algorithm update.”) was the code name used by Google for the new algorithm update that was first announced on April 24, 2012 and has been put together to address some issues, Google have stated and maintain, that their intent is to stop website operators overly manipulating the natural search engine results, with the intent of higher rankings.

Whilst no one can know the definitive list that the algorithms are looking at, there is plenty of information that lead to the following conclusions

Keyword stuffing

Essentially this is the overuse of your keywords. If you use a keyword in a page title, then the headlines, then again in the content, then again in keyword linking…chances are you either have been or will be penalised.


Making the search engine spider see a different page/content from the page/content that would be shown to a user in a web browser

Participating in link schemes

So Google wants to see real 'value add' links to the reader not links into your site that has been generated through link farms, exchange programs, repetitive link words or just paid for links.

Deliberate creation of duplicate content

So by repeating the same information somewhere else on your site to appear like you have more to say on the same subject

The good bits

Visitor engagement

So there is talk about Google giving more credit to sites that get visitors to engage by the way of customer reviews, article comments and social networking follow-through.

Quality content

Google make no secret that content is king, but they are going to be targeting those sites that are over optimised by overuse of keywords and repeating content as suggested above.

In Summary

Share your knowledge, views, incite etc on the subject matter that you are knowledgeable about on your website. Don't try and be overly clever in tricking/pleasing search engines, instead engage the reader and allow them to share your knowledge with others.