Mailchimp set to shake up small business email marketing

Mailchimp Changes Banner

As a Cheshire web design agency, our relationship doesn’t just stop after we have delivered an awesome website for our latest client. Our mission is to empower every client with the tools and knowledge they need to achieve every website goal they set out to complete, no matter what they are, so we feel your audience is our audience until you achieve your goals.

It has been a while since we touched on Email Marketing and since then MailChimp have rolled out a fair few changes which will certainly appeal to small businesses who sell products online. For those of you unaware, Mailchimp is a free email-marketing platform which is accountable for sending over 10 billion emails each month.

Inside our latest web grower, our Cheshire web design team will cover some of the very latest features which help grow your business in converting online sales.

Mailchimp Product Recommendation Example

Product Recommendation

If you have ever purchased anything from Amazon, I’m sure you will be all too familiar with product recommendations. Well, small businesses can now send marketing emails personalised with items each of their subscribers are most likely to purchase.

Introduced last month, ‘Product Recommendations’ is built in feature for Mailchimp Pro subscription users where you can simply drag and drop the ‘Product Recommendation’ block into your newsletter which will present products to new customers, old customers and customers who may have abandoned their shopping cart during a previous visit.

How easy is it to implement?

To enable this feature, you will first need to connect your store to Mailchimp which is as simple as clicking a button if you have store built on any of Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, or BigCommerce. Once Mailchimp gains access, they simply analyze the data such as purchase history of each customer to make smart, data-driven predictions about what they’ll want to buy in the future. From here, you simply select the ‘Product Recommendations’ block and drag it into your campaign then once you are ready, hit send.

Increase email marketing sales

Sending personalized products recommendations has proven to be a great email marketing technique to help drive and increase customer sales. The more campaigns use build, the better chances Mailchimp will have of detecting purchasing patterns so will be able to better understand your audience and customer buying habits, so you can target the right customers with the right products. Each campaign comes with a very insightful summery so you can monitor which users ineracted with what products and how many you sold as a result of your campaign.

Mailchimp Abandon Shopping Cart Feature

Abandoned Shopping Cart

We have all been there before… everybody has abandoned their shopping cart when they are not sold on purchasing a product so don’t take it too personally if a potential customer does the same when visiting your website.

Having now integrated a new Abandoned Cart Automation workflow, which I won’t go into too much technical information about, it’s now even easier for e-commerce businesses to automatically follow up with customers who abandon their shopping cart by reminding users what they have left behind, and then encourages users to complete their purchase.

How to implement it onto your campaign

Again, this is a feature available to Mailchimp Pro users only but is a service I would highly recommend if you are an e-commerce business looking to push sales.

Setting up the Abandoned Cart Workflow is relatively straightforward which you can do one of two ways. If you want to create a fresh, new campaign, you simply choose from one of the Abandoned Cart templates or if you want to keep one of you saved templates, you can drag the cart content block onto your saved template. Each cart content block includes product images, names and priced but can also be customised to match other branded content. Once your campaign has been sent, the Abandon Cart reminders can be sent from 6-24 hours after the interaction and will also send the email if they unsubscribed from receiving further updates.

Next Steps…

From an e-commerce point of view, I think signing up to the Mailchimp Pro subscription package will be very beneficial for these new email marketing features. If you would like to discuss your website goals, why not get in touch with your local Cheshire web design agency? Why not pop into our Knutsford office, or give us a call on 01565 653616. Don’t forget to sign up to our bi-monthly Web Grower on more advice on how you can grow your website.