Local SEO Business Case Study – A&M Marquee

A&M Marquee Keyword Progress

Progress of the keywords 'Cheshire Marquee Hire'

In recent blog entries, you have most likely seen a lot of focus on Local SEO with plenty of hints and advice on how any small Cheshire business can boost web performance.

As a web-design agency in Cheshire, not only can we provide web design or web performance services, we also create tailor-made SEO small business packages designed to meet the challenges set by the clients brief. Taking place between Mid-November & Late December 2014, we will talk you through the process of how we managed to help A&M Marquees climb local search engine rankings inside our local SEO case study.

The Design Brief

A&M Marquees are marquee hire professionals based in locally in Knutsford, Cheshire. Although they are local clients, they have a nationwide clientèle who specialise in marquee and furniture hire services for any type of event. Having been established in 2004, A&M Marquees moved from previous hosts looking for a brand-new website along with targeting keywords that focused on different marquee types.

Having generated success from ‘Google Adwords’ for certain keywords, the website still ranked poorly for other keywords that targeted different marquee types. With no SEO campaign in place, untitled™ provided a small SEO strategy to take place over a 6 week period.

The Goals

  • Increase Search Ranking Results
  • Generate more visitors to the website
  • Turn visitors into customers

The Target Keywords

After running various SEO Keyword software tools, it was agreed between business and client to target the following keywords;

  • Furniture Hire Cheshire
  • Marquee Hire Cheshire
  • Marquee Hire in Cheshire
  • Different Marquee
  • Wedding Marquee Hire Cheshire
  • Bedoin Marquee
  • Stretch Marquee

Furniture Hire Cheshire Keyword Ranking

Progress of one of the chosen words 'Furniture Hire Cheshire'

With the average monthly search for each keyword ranging from as small as 10 upward to over 320 searches each month. The next phase was to create an SEO plan on how we could achieve organic local search engine positions in such a short period of time.

The Action Plan

  • Recommended Keywords
  • Weekly Blogs
  • Keyword Targeted Headings
  • Meta Descriptions
Recommended Keywords

Using Google Keyword Planner, not only will you get an estimated search volume for each keyword, you will also gain words that have been suggested by Google. While some may be relevant due to Google finding them within your website, there will be loads that have no relevance to your website, products or services.

Weekly Blogs

We decided to focus on writing a weekly blog with a view to targeting one keyword that had good search engine traffic of between 100-400 searches each month. Choosing a niche topic, by writing weekly blog post you find yourself with an interesting topic to write about and also find yourself as an expert authority on your niche topic.

Once you are into the swing of things in writing a weekly blog and adding it to your website, you can start to cherry pick and add some of the low hanging keywords that have little search engine traffic of 10 searches each month. We offer many SEO content writing tips that you can find in other blog entries such as; 5 SEO Content Writing Tips You Need To Avoid A Beginners Guide On Constructing The Perfect Blog

Wedding Marquee Hire Keyword Rankings

A&M Marquee 'Wedding Marquee Hire' Keyword Rankings

Keyword Targeted Headings

Once you have written your blog, the next step is to write a headline. The trick is to write a headline that is relevant to your blog and a headline that contains one keyword. Make sure you try and keep it roughly between 50 & 70 characters with spaces. Search Engines generally favour shorter headlines that contain keyword headings so using algorithms they can display your website on search enquires related to your blog

E.G – Different Types of Stretch Marquee Hire

Meta Descriptions

Depending on the platform of your website, you usually have a way of accessing the meta elements of any page within your website. It can be in the page settings or you may have to install a plug-in. If you don’t have any control/access, it may be best to content your web developer who updates the website.

Meta Elements, also known a Meta Descriptions are snippets of HTML or XHTML tags used in documents to provide structured metadata about a specific web page. The Meta elements are used by search engines to help categorize the page correctly.

Call to Action

If you would like to discuss ideas on how you can increase web performance, boost local search engine rankings or target keywords, why not pop into the office and have a chat over a coffee? Contact untitled™ for small local SEO business strategies on 01565 653616 or fill in our contact form.