Knutsford Menus the story continued…

Well it’s almost been a year to the day since Knutsford Menus quietly launched in the early spring of 2013. Inside the space of 12 months, it really is great to see the organic growth of the website. With not only the number of visitors to the website increasing from under one hundred to over one thousand each and every month, the website application has also seen the number of locally based eateries increase from the mid-thirties to 45, with that numbering looking to increase to the 50 mark as I am currently writing this…

Throughout this past 12 months, I have been out pounding the pavements and meeting some of the Best Restaurants, Cafe's, Bistro's, Pubs, Bars, Grills and Takeaways that Knutsford has to offer and in the process built some very promising relationships. While some of you have been on this journey with me since the start, for some this is just the beginning, so I thought now would be the perfect time to provide an update on how the past 12 months have gone, and for those who are joining us, an introduction to Knutsford Menus and the people behind its creation; the team at untitled™.

The Origins of Knutsford Menus

With untitled™ being locally based in Knutsford for over six years now, and with both Accounts Director (James Cox) and Creative Director (JJ Wemyss) having grown-up, schooled and worked in Knutsford for the majority of their lives, our passion for food ignited the thought to create a handy website application which would be dedicated to all food lovers across Knutsford and the Cheshire County, that’s not only a useful way of giving something back to our local community, but as something that is slightly different to online restaurant reviews that is completely free and something that provides up to date accurate menu information. With that idea, Knutsford Menus was born.

What is Knutsford Menus?

Knutsford Menus is the official web application dedicated to all food lovers who are looking to experience the very best food that Knutsford has to offer, but not sure what is available. With all of the local restaurants, bars, cafes and takeaways listed in one easy, elegant and stylish design, users can simply search and select any eatery by its food cuisine, environment type or even delivery option to view what is available, meaning no matter what your preference is, there will always be something to suit the mood you are in.

Along with providing every eatery listed within Knutsford, Knutsford Menus provides the very latest menu each eatery has to offer, including a full list of starters, mains, desserts, drinks and even side orders meaning that you can plan what you are going to order well in advance. With full menus listed, Knutsford Menus also provides key information including a full address, opening times and even a link to Google Maps.

Why is Knutsford Menus Free?

Asking why Knutsford Menus is free or why being a part of this web application has no cost has got to be the most common questions we’ve been asked since its launch. There’s got to be some hidden fee’s right? Surely the costs will come further down the line? You couldn’t be more wrong! It purely serves two purposes, the first is the learning and understanding of the performance of the website, the second is to try and build brand awareness and improve business relationships.

Improving & Building Relationships

At untitled™, we’re a web development and creative agency who have been working and building relationships with local businesses in and around Knutsford for over 6 years now. We’re passionate about all things web-related and are really keen to work with other great local businesses.

Because of the success that we have built up with these local businesses, both of which have mutually benefited us and our clients, untitled™ are extremely keen to give back to the community with ideas that we feel will not only benefit the population within Knutsford

Benefits and Learning

With the website application being completely free, this is a complete win/win situation for both untitled™ and for the eateries involved. Not only is this a great opportunity for us to showcase the skills we can demonstrate to each eatery involved, it also allows us to build up and establish new relationships with eateries in and around Knutsford in a number of ways.

The first being the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and what impact it can make amongst local search listings without the need of buying Adwords. For local eateries that don’t have a website listed, this can actually act as the first alternative as a way for users to search for vital information such as telephone numbers, opening hours or any type of cuisine that Knutsford has to offer

The second benefit is providing a free marketing outlet for all eateries involved with Knutsford Menus. Just like social media outlets such as facebook or twitter, Knutsford Menus allows eateries to provide free, up to date accurate information such the latest menu, opening hours or telephone number.

Dress Agency Directory: Dress Agency Directory is another brain-child that came straight from the offices of untitled™. With similar intentions, again the purpose of Dress Agency Directory is to allow Dress Agencies from around the country the opportunity to provide free listings where you can buy and sell fabulous new and pre-loved clothing and fashionable accessories at affordable prices. Dress Agency Directory

The Continuing Growth of Knutsford Menus…

As I am finishing the final touches on this blog, it really has been a remarkable rise in seeing the increasing figures and reputation that Knutsford Menus is starting to carry inside the space of 12 months. Without any noticeable marketing or branding, Knutsford Menus was averaging fewer than 100 visitors to the website inside the first 6-months with the website generating 1500 visits inside 6 months.

Since then the website continues to steadily grow, drawing on average over 1,000 hits on a monthly basis including 3,000 over the last financial quarter. Now you’ve got to admit that without any advertising or any additional costs that is a pretty impressive fact!

As more and more Eateries start to get involved, with more menus’ needing frequent updates on what appears to be a weekly basis, I can only predict that this number will only increase inside the next 12 months and I’ll be right here to update you with all its progress.

To view all the eateries, cuisines and venues that Knutsford has to offer why not check out out for yourself, or for the very latest news, updates and eateries, why not visit or follow our twitter handle @KnutsfordMenus