Introducing Google Marketing Platform

A lot has changed since Google was founded nearly 20 years ago… Digital web agencies such as our very own web design agency, or any other web design agency in Cheshire wouldn’t be in existence and mobile wouldn’t have surpassed desktop and play such a vital role in our everyday lives.

Much like technology, customers are also switching how they search for products and services by now following social media promotions, watching video tutorials to even making decisions based on maps, reviews and places. As a result, digital markets now have more opportunities than ever to reach consumers across endless channels, screens and formats.

Introducing Google Marketing Platform For Small Businesses

And that’s why Google are now introducing Google Marketing Platform… a simpler, unified advertising and analytics platform so small businesses have all the digital marketing tools they need in one easy, convenient location.

Google Marketing Platform For Small Businesses
So, you are probably questioning what does this mean for your small business?

Well, from advertising to analyse data, Google Marketing Platform presents a free, unified marketing suite, designed to help you and your business gain better insights into how your business website works and how you can get to know your customers.

With the focus on the integration between Google products, the Google Marketing Platform presents a free small marketing business package broken down into 5 different areas of marketing tools which consists of Analytics, Data Studio, Optimize, Surveys and Tag Manager.


Probably the most recognizable name here, Analytics is the most widely used web analytics service on the internet. The goal of Analytics is to help small businesses, just like our Cheshire web agency, understand and analysis website data, so you can monitor how customers are engaging with website content.

From a digital marketing prospective, Analytics is the perfect testing platform to try out promotional marketing campaigns and the review how users behave and interact with your content. It’s also crucial in monitoring how well your website performs and where you could improve, for example, you may need to improve the checkout experience if you are receiving a high bounce rate when customers abandon their shopping cart.

Data Studio

Small business website and marketing decisions are based on data. Google Data Studio makes every bit of visual data accessible so both business owners and marketers can collaborate to find and share ideas on how to get the very best from your website.

Before researching into this blog, as a Cheshire web design agency, we didn’t fully appreciate just how useful this free tool could be to businesses.

Integrated with other Google products, you can easily import data from sources such as Analytics, Google Ads, Campaign Manager and much more. Once data is accessible, from just a couple of clicks, businesses can create easy, shareable charts and graphs so you can fully visualize your results and goals. For digital marketing, small businesses can also monitor and measure the success of all marketing campaigns to make smarter business decisions.


Google Optimize is the ultimate website testing and experimentation playground. For developers and marketers alike, Optimize will enable quick and easy testing of page design and content changes so you can learn what works best for you and your customers.

So how will Google Optimize benefit small businesses? Well, Google Optimize offer a free small business package which integrates with both Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

As a Cheshire web design agency, we have found this particular product very useful as the free package includes A/B tests, which lets you test multiple versions of the same web page using the responsive visual editor. This tool allows you to switch between device and screen size, so you can see a real-time example of how your website will look across any screen-size device.


Google Surveys presents a quick, cost-efficient way to gain valuable insights into the minds of your desired target audience, so you, as a business, can make smart, faster website decisions.

Using the easy-to-use survey creator, Google Surveys allows you to design a survey which can be shared in collaboration with your employees to tell search engines about your target audience. By using real people to answer your questions as they browse the internet, Google Surveys presents real time data/feedback in a matter of days, a damn site quicker than traditional market research.

The data collected in Google Surveys is structured in easy-to-digest graphs and charts where business owners can then use other Google Marketing Platform products to make necessary changes.

Tag Manager

As previous covered in our Cheshire Web Design free marketing tools guide, Google Tag Manger allows you to easily create, edit and implement marketing tracking tags on your website and/or mobile app without having to modify or input the tracking code physically into your website.

Using the tag manager interface, business owners and employees can co-operate in deploying tracking codes to track data such unsuccessful contact forms, phone number clicks, presenting marketing with not only data insights, but the confidence in reducing error and time management implementing the tracking tags.

Our Cheshire Web Design Opinion

As a professional web agency, we advise clients and customers with website and marketing advice daily. Although you may never need to use or find any benefits from using every Google Marketing Platform, we would highly encourage looking into one or two of them if you are looking to make website based decisions on your website.

If you would like any help implementing any of these Google Products, or would like to discuss your website marketing goals, get in touch with our web design agency based in Knutsford.