How to get your WordPress website ready for Christmas!

How to get your WordPress website ready for Christmas!

Tis the season to be jolly… At the time of this writing it’s the start of the Black Friday long weekend so the countdown to Christmas can officially begin!

Okay, so while some of you may be way more organised than me by already starting your Christmas shopping, most of you will start with Black Friday, so now is the perfect opportunity to get your website and digital marketing into the Christmas spirit.

Don’t panic if you haven’t already started, this festive holiday guide will give you all the help you need with tips on social media, e-commerce and SEO to give you the perfect advantage over your competition in the run-up to Christmas.


Make Christmas official and show your friends and followers that you have put the office Christmas tree up with social media decorations.

Look to add a little sparkle to your social media profiles by updating your logo and cover photos with a Santa hat, snowman or snowflakes. If you already have an idea of what products or services you want to offer this Christmas, look to accommodate these offers into your artwork. If you need any assistance creating Christmas artwork, simply contact your local Cheshire web design agency.

Once you have some Christmas content on your website, look to pin your post to the top of your social media channels so followers can see you are in the holiday spirit.


I can’t think of anything worse than finding a big discount offer, only to find when you click the link, it’s almost impossible to navigate around the website and in frustration you end up leaving the website without making a purchase.

When a user lands on your landing page, make it simple and as clear as possible by allowing your audience a clear path to navigate around the website and purchase the products, they want this Christmas.

Create a positive website experience and turn a one-time customer into a returning customer.
Create ‘Quick Link’ landing pages featuring products and categories so your audience can easily view and explore your website, make sure users are only a couple of clicks away from where they want to be at all times!

Christmas Landing Page Example

Example of a Christmas Gift Landing Page with Quick Links

If you use promotional banners on your homepage, you have the perfect opportunity to create Christmas shopping banners promoting products straight from the homepage. These banners will not only work when promoting on social media as users will instantly be able to identify the offer they have found, from the banners you can also direct then where to go by adding a call to action such as ‘Click for more information’.

Now you have eliminated the stress of Christmas shopping on your website, do not be afraid to include suggest products when users a viewing a particular item. You could even include this when creating any Christmas content.

Christmas Marketing Product Example

Client Website already Christmas products


Google My Business Example

As previously discussed, Google My Business is a free Google business listing where you can add, manage and edit how your business looks when users search for your business on Google Search or Maps so you can stand out and bring customers in.

Now, as a Cheshire Web Agency, it’s difficult to sell a website as a Christmas present… however, for the purpose of this example, let’s say my business is a local bakery.

Consider people who are out in town doing some last-minute Christmas shopping… they’re probably going to turn to their phones to search for local bakeries if they need last minute homemade mince pies… Someone looking for homemade mince pies might search for local bakery, so local SEO is going to be critical here so that people click on your business…

By optimising your products with SEO, and filling out your Google My Business profile, users searching for a local bakery will be able to find out what products you sell, how far away you are and reviews left by other people!

Google My Business also allows you to input your opening hours so if you are open for longer hours in the build-up to Christmas, you can easily edit your profile and users will see this from Google Search.

If you have any form of Christmas content, such as a Christmas recipe blog, or a promotional offer, again you can add this to your Google My Business profile which will feed through to Google Search.

How to get your WordPress website ready for Christmas! – Web Design Verdict!

Depending on the size of your business, some of these tips may apply to you… all of them may apply to you! The earlier you get started on creating your Christmas website, the more time you will have to get your offers and products ranked in search engines.

Depending on the size of your business, not all of these tips may apply to you… as long as you have taken something from this. The earlier you get started on accommodating your website for Christmas, the more time you will have to get your offers, landing pages and products ranked in search engines. If you are looking for free tips on how to optimise your website this Christmas, Google My Business is a great start.

If you need any support or want to chat through your Christmas digital marketing efforts, get in touch with your local Cheshire web design agency today!