How much interest or business is your website generating for you?

How much interest or business is your website generating for you?

How much interest or business is your website generating for you?

Do you know how much a phone call, a contact form enquiry, or a newsletter sign-up is worth to you?

No matter what size of business you are, your website has its own unique purpose and individual goals. For example, a local bakery may thrive off local phone enquiries, but do you how many customers click your website phone number? For online stores, do you know how many users signed up for your newsletter this month? And for the larger organisation who offer customer service, how do you track what email link users are clicking to contact you?

With this in mind, the team at our Knutsford based web development agency have been looking at how our clients and customers can measure website success and we may just have the answer… let me introduce you to our bespoke website client reports

untitled™ Bespoke Client Report

Through the combination of Data Studio (a great new tool introduced by Google), Google Analytics, plus a premium WordPress Plugin and some jiggery pokery from our Google Partner qualified team, we have created a bespoke client report that allows you to visualise, track, share and monitor live data as it happens on your website! View our example report here…

So, what is Google Data Studio?

Good Question. Introduced as part of the new Google Marketing Platform suite, Google Data Studio is a data reporting tool that allows you to connect, visualise and share data.

With the ability to connect data from over 130 different Google associated tools, we can create a bespoke report containing data from a variety of sources such as Google Analytics, Google Ads and Search Console to deliver the ultimate website report.

Monthly Stats

How does your website success compare to last month!? The report provides a snapshot of data, informing you on how your website stats compare to the previous month. From average visit duration to bounce rate, these nuggets of information will provide insight into the success of your digital marketing activity.

How do users visit your website?

How Users Visit Your Website Graphic

Desktop? Mobile? Tablet? Visitors have so many choices to access websites, but do you know users visit your website? The untitled™ Bespoke Client Report captures how users have visited your website over the previous month. These statistics will also indicate how good/poor your website is performing on certain devices, so for example, you could channel efforts into creating a better mobile experience if desktop dominates the stats.

How much is a piece of business worth to you?

If you have a rough price or idea on how much each piece of business is worth to you through your website, we can create a monetary value, so you can see the value and return on your investment from the website and other digital marketing activities.


Bespoke, Custom Reports

Have multiple download documents? Want to monitor newsletter sign-ups? Each untitled™ Bespoke Client Report is created to tailor each business’ needs so we can track more than the essentials of contact form enquiry, telephone and email clicks.

How to get your untitled™ Bespoke Client Report

Ultimately, our success is helping you grow as a business. As a Cheshire based web design agency, we feel we have achieved our goal when you gain new business.

If you would like to have a bespoke client report to help monitor the success of your website, we are here to help. Simply contact us on or call us on 01565 653616 for a no-obligation quote.

To create and configure and the report, the activity will take 2 to 3 hours activity to implement. Once created, the report will contain real-time data, so once the numbers start coming in, we can discuss the data it generates and see if further opportunities can be created to drive your business forward. View our client example report