Google Apps for Work replaces Google Enterprise

In web performance industry news, earlier this month Google announced the rebranding of its Google Enterprise Cloud Services with a new name and a new brand that would provide better accessibility and appeal towards smaller businesses. With more than 5 million smaller businesses now operating with Google, Google has replaced Google Enterprise with Google Apps for Work.

What does this mean to you?

As officially licensed Google App Resellers based in Knutsford, Cheshire, it’s in our best interest to keep an eye on current trends and changes that Google implement. To quote Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google on the change; “millions of companies, large and small, have turned to Google’s products to help them launch, build and transform their businesses”.

5 reasons why Google Apps for Work could benefit your business

  1. Simple and flexible prices
  2. Personalized business email address
  3. Work anywhere, anytime on any device
  4. Work offline around the clock
  5. Conduct video meetings across the globe

Simple and Flexible prices

With flexible (you can add or delete users at anytime) and annual plans available, Google Apps for Work starts from as little as £39.60 per user per annum. The Google Apps for Work account includes a personalized business email address, video and voice calls, and integrated online calendars and allows you to share and create online text documents, spreadsheets and slides. Each user is presented with 30GB of online storage for emails, file syncing and sharing.

Google Apps for Business unlimited is also available at £79.20 per user per year which provides unlimited storage (or 1TB per user if fewer than 5 user) along with audit and reporting insights, and Google Vault which allows you to recover emails, chats, docs and files plus much more.

Personalized business email address

Regardless of which package you sign up for, every user gets access to a personalized business email address ( The email is run through the Gmail platform with users also getting the benefits of using other Google cloud suite services such as Calendar, Hangouts and Drive. All of which are premium versions of the free platforms provided to all Google account users.

Work anywhere, anytime on any device

Google Apps for Work provides you and your employees the freedom to work from anywhere, on any device. Create, edit and share files and keep them all in one secure place with online file storage. Access them from any device including your laptop, phone or tablet and share instantly with others. The days of sending attachments or amending older versions are now long gone.

Work offline around the clock

Using Google applications such as Gmail, Calendar and Google Docs will allow users to view, edit and create content even if they are not online. When next reconnected, the changes will automatically sync meaning changes are never lost!

Conduct video meetings across the globe

To really increase your business performance, Google App for Work users can conduct HD video and voice calls through Hangouts with up to 15 people on any device including your laptop, tablet or phone. Why not visit our review on the benefits of Google Hangouts and how it can increase your company’s performance.

If you are thinking that it is perhaps time to dramatically improve your business communication tools and join more than 5 million businesses on the cloud, Google Apps for Work could be the right tool for you! As Google App Resellers, from as little as £39.60 per user per annum we can transform your business with Google Apps for Work.

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