Facebook Advertising: Small Business Guide

The Numbers

Why small businesses advertise with Facebook Advertising

  • 30 Million – The number of Facebook users across the UK.
  • 76% – The number of Facebook users who visit the platform every day
  • 45% – The number of users who will access the site several times a day
  • 9.21% – The average conversation rate for Facebook Ads across all industries
  • 8 – The average user will access Facebook roughly 8 times a day.

How to set up Facebook Advertising

Before you begin advertising on Facebook, our Cheshire web design agency need to make you aware of the Facebook Pixel.

The Facebook Pixel is a free analytics tool that is designed to help you measure your Facebook advertising. Created by Facebook, users can implement the tracking code into their website to help identify and understand the actions users are taking on your advertising campaign and website. Once installed, you can move onto creating your Facebook Ad.

If you do not have a business website, Facebook Pixel doesn’t apply to you so you can move onto how to create Facebook Advertising.

If you need assistance with installing the tracking code, our Cheshire web design team can implement this for you.

How to create Facebook Advertising.

Facebook advertising campaign

Once you are logged into Facebook, simply click the drop-down arrow and click “Create Ads”. This will take you to the Facebook Ad Manager.

Give your Facebook advertising campaign a name.

Select your advertising marketing objective. If you are unsure, Facebook have created a very easy guide to help you choose the correct digital marketing strategy, based on what you want to achieve from Facebook Advertising in three easy categories.

Create general interest and brand awareness in your product and services.

Get users interested in your brand and encourage them to interact with you. This is perfect if you are looking to increase traffic, user engagement, send messages, or to simply install your app or watch your new video.

If you want to improve store visits and increase e-commerce sales, conversions will monitor how users interact and turn visitors into customers.

Define Your Audience

Facebook advertising audience campaign

Identifying the right audience is critical for a successful Facebook advertising campaign.

It will be beneficial if you are realistic when it comes to choosing your audience. If you are a local Cheshire web design agency, why would users from London be interested in you?

Simply type in the town or city you want to target then set your radius which can be as little as 1 kilometre to however big you want to set it! Once you have identified your audience, Facebook will present a map of where you are targeting, and the potential reach based on the criteria.




Create Your Message

Facebook advertising promote your message

Here comes the hardest part of digital marketing – your branding message! Here, Facebook clearly outlines recommended guidelines on how much content you should write in your message.

Images – Choose an image or a slider of images (Including stock photography)
Headline – 25 characters
Marketing Text – 90 characters
Call to Action Button – Choose from Like Page, Call Now, Get Directions, Learn More, Send Message and Save (The Call to Action will be based on what your goals are)

Budget & Duration

The most important part… how much will this cost me? Well the best part of Facebook Advertising is you can spend as much as you want to. When creating your Facebook advertising, you can set a daily budget and how long you want your promotion to run for. The amount can be set to as much as you want, but you must state if you want to run the promotion for 7, 14 or 28 days. Users do have the option to keep the promotion active but this will only stop once you physically turn the promotion off.

As you can see in the example, our Cheshire web design marketing is set up with the call to action of liking our page. I have set a daily budget of £2 a day and set the promotion to run for 28 days. Facebook has given me the total of my estimated spend and how many users my business page will reach on a daily basis (set by audience preferences)

Check over your Facebook advertising promotion using the live Facebook preview on both the mobile and desktop versions and once you are happy, hit the PROMOTE button.

Facebook advertising small business budget

Boost a Facebook Post

Have you written a new Facebook Post to specially promote or introduce new products and/or services? Well the ‘Boost Post’ option may be the perfect marketing tool for you.

As you can probably guess, when writing a new post, businesses pages have the option to click the ‘boost’ button, allowing you to push your post in front of the right people for the right reasons.

Choose Your Objective – The first objective you can choose is ‘Website Visits’ which is to encourage people to visit your website. The other is ‘Engagement’, where the purpose is to monitor reactions, comments and shares.

Set Your Audience – Next you can set the stage for who can view your post. Set your chosen digital marketing criteria such as Gender, Age, Location and Targeting (User Interests etc)

Budget & Duration – And finally… set how much you are willing to spend and how long you want the promote your Facebook post for. Facebook does allow you to have the choice of setting a daily budget, or if you find your post gets more engagement on better days such as weekends, set your total budget for the duration of your marketing post.