Enhance your business website during the pandemic.

Now the government have introduced their roadmap plans on how they want to cautiously ease lockdown restrictions across England over the coming months, this will hopefully allow small businesses to plan for the future.

Sure, it’s going to be a bumpy road and it’s not going to happen overnight so this is a friendly reminder that your local Knutsford web design agency is there to help you every step of the way. We love nothing more than seeing an online business grow so we have put together a small business road map where some of our services can help enhance your business during the pandemic over the coming months and into when hopefully the world has a bit more normality.

Virtual WordPress Training

With many businesses having to adapt to selling products online, do you know how to add a product or make simple content changes? Do you want to take control of your website?

As a Knutsford web design agency, we often hear stories of how your website is finished then handed over to you; you’re then left to just get on with it without any training or direction. Finding your way round a new WordPress website can become a daunting and frustrating experience, especially if you are new to WordPress and afraid of breaking anything.

Well with untitled™ we do things differently! We want to help your business grow which is why we offer full WordPress support and WordPress training, including virtual WordPress training!

We can provide WordPress training on a 1-to-1 basis, either virtually through a video call or socially distanced where the WordPress training will go at your own pace. No matter what your goals are, we offer virtual WordPress training for all abilities and topics so we will ensure we cover what you need.

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Introduce ecommerce services

Did you know ecommerce sales grew by 46% in 2020? It’s strongest growth since 2008.

With January typically a quiet month to recover from the holidays, the latest lockdown restrictions for the New Year created a record-breaking growth in sales.

The statistics speak for themselves and it’s why more and more businesses are reaching for ecommerce services. Both major UK brands and small businesses have been hit by the pandemic in different ways, but both have found a lifeline or success by through ecommerce and online sales.

Having worked with new start-up businesses and national retailers, we can provide ecommerce services to help you get started selling your products online. As part of our ecommerce web design skills, we believe easy navigation and aesthetic design are key elements of a good website. By creating a visually stunning website, we can build and customise your e-commerce store with your branding and style in mind to make your e-commerce website both visually appealing and stand out from your competition.

In addition to our ecommerce web design services, we will also provide an easy checkout process and reliable payment gateway by implementing an SSL certificate. This will not only ensure your customers information is protected, easy or guest checkout options will also remove the barrier of a long-drawn out payment process which can heavily reduce conversion rates.

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Increase your WordPress security

According to statistics, on average nearly 30,000 websites are successfully hacked every day! We can help protect your website with WordPress security

It’s a scary statistics but the websites which are usually compromised most small business website. Why, well because small business websites are often the ones least supported or left outdated and becoming vulnerable.

With WordPress now accountable for 40% of all websites around the globe, it’s also now amongst the most targeted content management system (CMS) in the world because it’s the most popular. Hackers and other malware infections look to destroy your online business by stealing sensitive information, shutting down your website and ultimately damaging your reputation.

Sadly, it’s a story our Knutsford web design agency are all too familiar with. We’ve heard of friends websites where similar things have happened so this is why we offer a service of increasing your WordPress security. From a full performance review to helping you restore your website, we can provide a full A-Z of WordPress security services to stop this happening from you.

Read 6 easy ways on how you can help keep your WordPress website secure

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Connect with your audience

If your business has been affected by the pandemic, make sure you’re taking advantage of your social media channels by not only keeping your loyal customers updated, you can also improve your local search presence.

Are you listed on Google My Business? If so, GMB have rolled out some neat attributes which are all pandemic related. If you need to follow stricter health-related guidelines, you can include health & safety features such as “Appointments Only” or “Masks Required”. If you’re a local restaurant, you can also now include instructions such as “Curbside pickup” or “No-contact delivery”. For online services, you can now provide your customers with “Online Appointments” or “Online Classes”.

It might only seem like a small change, but users who are searching for ‘restaurants near me’ are far more likely to visit your website or give you a call if you provide accurate information. Competitors who don’t have GMB or simply don’t update the information are far more likely to miss out on potential customers.

If you would like help on setting up Google My Business or would like some training on how to connect with and update your audience, simply contact your local Knutsford web design agency.

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