Cheshire WordPress Agency

Building a website to help your business grow

Powering over 75 million websites worldwide, WordPress is held accountable for over 26% of the internet which is why today, by a long distance, is the most used content management system on the market.

As a Cheshire WordPress Agency, we have found this platform highly adaptable to fit the criteria set by any business, is user-friendly from both a business and customer point of view and is easily optimisable to push SEO and marketing activity.

Here at untitled™, we create bespoke, custom WordPress themes eliminating any design boundaries assuring we will push your website beyond any of the standard, free templates available. With design in mind, all our WordPress websites are fully responsive meaning they are fully compatible with any browser and device allowing your business to grow with a better online presence.

WordPress Website Care Support Packages

As an open source platform, WordPress websites can be gained access and modified via the source code by anybody. From a positive point of view, this means as Cheshire WordPress developers, we can quickly identify and fix any bugs, improve functionality or introduce new plugins. However, it means websites can also become exposed to vulnerability and malicious intent.

With the current pace of change, especially in the technology sector, staying on top of system and software updates and upgrades is a never-ending challenge and often require attention on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Conducting regular plugin updates is critical to the performance and security of your WordPress website… As a Cheshire WordPress agency, we offer many unique, exclusive, WordPress Website Care Support Packages no other agency can replicate to address these issues, stay on top of any updates, bugs and fixes, offering our customers complete piece of mind.

Through our unique Website Care packages, not only will you have the full support of a Cheshire WordPress agency at your disposal, you will also be presented with a monthly Website Care report, which will provide you with a digestible report of the key metrics that include an overview of updates, server uptime, google analytics monthly snapshot plus more.

Target your audience with SEO on your WordPress website

Since its introduction in 2003, WordPress was originally set-up for bloggers who could easily create, make changes, and share blogs through the ease of a content management system. However, because WordPress has become so powerful and user-friendly, this has drawn an even bigger fan base where users can make changes without having to know HTML or any other coding language and little training.

Due to continued growth in WordPress, SEO has become a natural a fit and is easily customisable so each individual business website can be tailored to target many keywords. Through plugins we use as part of your subscription package, our Cheshire WordPress Agency can offer SEO activity and monitor keyword search engine tracking which we can implement into each page, image and post by assigning SEO driven marketing content, making sure your website is relevant to search quires and making your business easier to find by search engine enquires so you can generate visitors into customers.

Cheshire WordPress Agency Training Support

Just like you, WordPress became a freighting new piece of technology to learn for members of our team. It was this journey of learning of how easy WordPress really is that put our Cheshire WordPress agency in the position to offer a unique Cheshire WordPress Training support package that any other agency can’t match!

Driven by our Web Grower, our Cheshire WordPress Agency provide WordPress website training on a one-to-one and group training basis regardless of your technical ability or website requirement.

With every website being unique in requiring its own identity and functionality, we provide training documents, user guides and online tutorials tailored made to you which is what sets us apart from any other Cheshire WordPress agency. From learning how to login into your website, we will take you on the journey of how you can easily add and manage content, add products, create sliders and just about anything else you can think of you may want to do as part of your website training.