Social Media Statistics 2018

If you have 2 minutes to spare, I would highly recommend you invest your time in watching this brilliant social media 2018 statistics video. Produced by Socialnomics, these 15 social media facts really do depict just how much we rely on social media in our everyday lives.

Inspired by this social media video, our Cheshire web design agency have complied a list of facts, figures and statistics from various social media platforms, which will hopefully inspire all our clients to invest more time in social media, and social media marketing activity.


If social media users were included as nations, several would be listed in the top 10 of the world population.

  1. Facebook (2 Billion)
  2. YouTube (1.57 Billion)
  3. China (1.45 Billion)
  4. WhatsApp (1.4 Billion)
  5. India (1.3 Billion)
  6. Tencent (963 Million)
  7. Instagram (800 Million)
  8. LinkedIn (500 Million)
  9. Twitter (335 Million)
  10. USA (325 Million)

11 new people start using social media every second (Globally). Statistics have calculated almost 1 million people started using social media for the very first time in 2017

1 HOUR 54 MINUTES – Average daily time spent using social media via any device within the United Kingdom

44 Million (that’s nearly 66%) of the UK Population are active social media users.

93% of buying decisions are influenced by social media.


Cheshire Web Design: Facebook Statistics 2018

Half the UK Population are users on Facebook, that’s over 30 Million!
Around 50% of the UK, 32.5 Million to be exact, are active users on Facebook. However, as a Cheshire Web Agency, we are more interested in that 45% of these users visit the social media platform ‘several times a day’. This means the more marketing investment you put into Facebook, the more likely your advertising will be reached.

8 – The average number of times users visit Facebook every day.
Studies conducted by Smart Insights and Similar Web have concluded that the current average amount of time spent on Facebook is 35 minutes per day. The same research also highlighted that this number is down compared to previous years, but all this was the same for all social media platforms.

While you may see this as a negative, from a Cheshire web agency prospective, we see this as a glass half full scenario. The same research also highlighted that while time was down, the average time as user visits Facebook reached an average of 8 times a day. This means that while users have short bursts of catching up, they will still see important posts so it is critical to get the timing right so I would suggest scheduling any digital marketing activity.

The average cost-per-click (CPC) is £1.04 for Facebook Advertising in the UK
Over 3 Million UK based businesses invest time and money on Facebook Advertising. As mobile continues to dominate search, these figures are reflective as 79% of advertising is spent on Mobile, with the remaining 21% taken up by Desktop Facebook advertising.

Many local businesses seem to shy away from Facebook Advertising but according to a survey conducted by Hubspot, research suggest the average cost-per-click is £1.04. Read our Cheshire web agency guide to Facebook advertising on how you can budget your advertising on Facebook!


Cheshire Web Design: Instagram 2018 Statistics

51% of users visit Instagram on a daily basis, 35% visit several times a day.
Honestly, I find that only 35% visit several times a day a little surprising. Instagram has created an unique social media experience that is instant, immediate and rapid. All content, such as photo’s, live videos, stories and comments can be digested quickly and conveniently.

50% of Instagram users follow at least one brand, the most off any social media platform
According to statistics recorded in 2017, Instagram now has over 15 million businesses registered with an Instagram account. With over 800 million users worldwide, 25% of users visit a business profile every day. Due to the nature of advertising content on Instagram, advertising doesn’t feel as forced with users actively seeking, following and engaging with content from their favourite brands.

60% of users say they learn about a product or service on Instagram
An informed user is an invested user who is more likely to make a purchase. Okay, while you can argue that all social media platforms offer video and image advertising content, the basics is just text and pictures… With Instagram, the basics is an unlimited possibility to introduce products and services in a much more creative way.

Instagram ‘influences’ are charging up to £10,000 for a sponsored post
Yes, while Instagram do offer sponsored (or advertising) posts to all business account users, none come close to the exposure you receive from a sponsored post. A sponsored post is where a celebrity will post a picture or video and promote your brand, and they (and your business) can make some serious revenue.

Let’s take contestants from this year’s Love Island as an example. With 2.2 million followers, the nations sweetheart Dani Dyer is set to pocket over £9,000 per post. Her partner Jack will earn £7,000 for every post, while other profiles such as Megan and Wes will earn a cool £4k each!


Cheshire Web Design: LinkedIn 2018 Statistics

Money Talks! Over 50% of LinkedIn users earn over £45k!
According to a study, the more you earn, the more likely you are to have a LinkedIn account. Strange, but amazingly, over 50% of users earn over £45k, compared to 22% of users who earn up to £14k a year.

The best days to capitalise on digital marketing is Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday!
It’s official! LinkedIn is certainly the social media platform for the working week. Sources from Falcon claim users prefer to check their LinkedIn feeds during the week rather than over the weekend. Further stats also indicate that advertising posts do not get as much engagement as on a Monday or Friday compared to the middle of the week.

As a Cheshire web agency, we always advise to research the best time to post when it comes to advertising. Research confirms the best time of the day to post content is during the average lunch break so between 12-2pm. After this, the next best engagement time is 5pm when users are leaving work.


Cheshire Web Design: Twitter 2018 Statistics

Twitter Ad engagement increased by 69% since last year
In Twitter’s quarterly shareholder update, twitter documented that within the US, engagement of twitter advertising had increased by 69% compared to last year. What may be more surprising is CPE (Cost per Engagement) had decreased 28% year-over-year meaning businesses will gain more engagement for less cost.

93% of users will plan to purchase from a small-to-medium sized business they follow
According to research from Twitter and Research Now, within the UK, 93% of users who follow a small-to-medium sized business plan to make a purchase. Further studies also indicated that 69% of users have now already purchased from a SMB, due to advertising they saw on the network.

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