20 Web Design Statistics You Need To Know In 2019

Today, it’s almost impossible to see a business function without a website. Since the introduction of the world wide web, business has grown, evolved and changed so much that small businesses can now exist by selling products and services online from the comfort of their own homes. Without this progress, companies such as our own […]

Cheshire Web Agency Insights: could Gutenberg break your website?!

Over the years, the WordPress visual editor has pretty much stayed the same, which isn’t a bad thing, but all that is about to change… Gutenberg is coming! It’s a new, default editing content management environment coming to WordPress and the impact will affect every website! Some will welcome the change, some will resist, so […]

Social Media Watch: What is Twitter Lite

Every day, millions of people (157 million to be exact), access Twitter to see what’s happening right now. However, there are still several barriers such as slow mobile networks, expensive data plans, lack of storage and even poor mobile signal all held accountable from stopping more users from visiting the social media platform… So, what’s […]

What should I do with out of stock products on my website?

Products go out of stock or become discounted all the time. However, if you run your own e-commerce store or stock a handful of products on your website, have you considered what to do when a product is out of stock? Ranging from user experience to search engine results, there are so many factors ignored […]

Will General Data Protections Regulation (GDPR) effect your Email Marketing?

In roughly four months’ time, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into effect. If you put any efforts into email marketing for your business, then listen up because this new legislation will include you! Don’t worry, if you are wondering about the what’s, why’s and ifs are about this new legislation, then your […]

5 reasons why Bing Ads should be part of your online marketing

When it comes to planning an online marketing strategy, any Knutsford web agency would advise on Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising if you were looking for a quick way to drive traffic to your website. However, when it comes to PCC, a lot of businesses instantly associate PPC advertising it Google Adwords just like me, largely due […]

How every small business can improve online presence with Google Search Console

Most small business owners are likely to be familiar with Google Analytics and how to set up an account as it’s likely to be one of the first things any business owner will do when they have a brand new website. They’re interested to see who’s visiting their website and users are doing right? I’m […]

PassPack Review

Solution for : Password Management Price : Free then tiered up to $40 a months Mobile Version : Yes Desktop Version : Yes Integration with other WebApps: No Address : www.passpack.com In a world where it seems that, by the day, we seem to have yet another password to remember, it gets to the point […]