Google set to introduce ‘Buy now’ button for search results

Hot off the press from last week’s developer’s conference, Google finally confirmed their plans to introduce the forthcoming ‘Buy Now’ button which certainly sparked the key talking point amongst major online retailers. The announcement was seen as a move made by Google to try and tackle Amazon who is still considered to be the biggest […]

Twitter introduce new live streaming App Periscope

Over the last month or so, it seems like live video streaming on social media has become the latest obsession. Within weeks apart, video streaming app Meerkat launched and started to gain highly successful praise along with a cult following but within 14 days, Twitter responded big time. Purchased for an incredible $100 Million dollars […]

Google optimise streamline search results for slower mobile connections

  Well it certainly seems like Google have had a busy few weeks. Following the blockbuster announcement on Google’s impending mobile-friendliness algorithm update dubbed ‘Mobilegeddon’ our Cheshire based web-design agency has been swamped with calls and enquires on how to ‘Make my website mobile responsive’ but the buck doesn’t stop there… On April 8th, Google […]

Google move the local mobile ranking goalposts…

In recent Cheshire web design news, the biggest announcement that will most likely have any impact with small local businesses is news that has come directly from Google last month. Recently Google decided to make a major announcement surrounding mobile-friendliness and how this will play a major role in local search on a worldwide scale. […]

We review the new WordPress 4.1 Update

For the millions of you who use the most popular blogging system on the web, Christmas didn’t just bring unwanted presents or rowing relatives, it saw the release of the brand-new WordPress 4.1 update. Appropriately given the codename of ‘Dinah’ (named after American singer Dinah Washington) the platform was released worldwide on December 18th 2014. […]

Small Cheshire Business SEO Starter Checklist

Over the last few weeks, I have written a couple of SEO themed blogs which have targeted how any small Cheshire-based businesses can improve their presence in local search engine results. As a small Cheshire-based web design business ourselves, we always have to keep our fingers on the ever-changing pulse of Search Engine Optimisation so […]

Google introduces No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA

You have probably come across the frustrating spam and robot CAPTCHA challenge thousands of times before when browsing online. When filling out information, you are greeted with words or numbers that you have to type in that are either blurry, wavy or have lines through before you can submit your details. From a small business […]

6 reasons why your small business needs LinkedIn

According to statistics provided by Alexa, whilst social networking platforms Twitter & Facebook continue to be the most popular, behind the scenes LinkedIn has been growing at a rapid pace which has now seen 2 new members joining the revolution every second. With over 187 monthly active users worldwide, LinkedIn has certainly proven to have […]

Is your Email Signature a missed marketing opportunity?

With the evolution of online communication, web performance strategies such as SEO friendly written content such as blogs or social networking sites such as Twitter or Google+ have dominated online marketing strategies. Now considered a forgotten marketing tool, the email signature is perhaps the most efficient of all when you consider the low-cost, high-return strategy. […]

Local SEO: Google My Business Review

Over the last few weeks, I have written many blogs that target and contain helpful tips for any small business based in Cheshire and how they can start to increase web performance by implementing free local SEO strategies. Inside these blogs I have preached about the introduction of ‘Google My Business’, the essential starting point […]

7 Completely Free Local SEO Business Directories

Remember the days of when you needed an emergency local plumber and you had to flip through hundreds of pages in the local listings directory? Well in today’s climate, paperback listings seem to be a distant memory with customers now turning to local search engines as Google now performs over 2 million searches every minute. […]

5 Free Local SEO Small Business Tips

If you are a small Cheshire based business looking to maximise your web performance and looking to increase your search engine presence, Local SEO could be just the thing for you! To simplify things, local SEO is all about targeting and improving smaller local business, by helping them to rank well in local search engine […]

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