Analytics: Welcome to the new way to monitor your website data

It’s been a good minute since we last covered Analytics. Over time, nothing much really changed but in recent weeks, Analytics has introduced several new key methods of tracking your website data which is set to create a new, more intelligent Google Analytics experience. As a Knutsford web design agency who work with both local […]

Social Media Trends: Welcome to Clubhouse

Have you heard of the new Clubhouse App? Making headlines as the next big social media platform fad having been adosed by several high profile celebrities, it’s also made controversial news by already becoming banned in several countries. So what is this latest social media platform craze? With more and more brands, marketers and influencers […]

Everything you need to know: ‘Live Chat’ for your business website

Did you know 38% of consumers are more likely to buy from a company if they offer live chat support – Source Years ago, implementing live chat was considered a website luxury. However in 2021, with e-commerce sales reaching an all time high due to the ongoing pandemic, 50% of customers now prefer to chat […]

6 easy ways to keep your WordPress website secure

According to statistics, on average nearly 30,000 websites are successfully hacked every day. Now, I’m sure you will agree that is a very alarming stat, but to add to this, the websites that are usually compromised are legitimate small business websites. Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, more and more businesses have struggled to stay […]

Social Media Watch: What is Hootsuite?

Today, managing a business’s social media presence can easily turn into a full time job. If you post the same content across several different social media platforms, it will quickly become a very repetitive, time consuming and mind numbing activity with very little reward. As a digital marketing agency in Cheshire, we are always for […]

COVID-19 – How to educate your online audience

  The long-term effect that Covid-19 will have on local and national businesses is as of yet unknown. With the recent developments surrounding corona virus (Covid-19), have your put protocols into place to let your audience or customers know about changes to your daily options? Inside this article, our Knutsford web design agency has put […]

What are website breadcrumbs?

  Breadcrumbs are useful for both practical for web designers and SEO. Not only will it help search engines better understand the structure of your website, it also helps visitors understand where they are on your website. However, not all websites implement this key navigation tool. Inside this article, we will take explain what breadcrumbs […]

Google Site Kit – Google’s official WordPress plugin

Well it’s arrived! Google’s official WordPress plugin is now available. As a Knutsford web design agency, we were curious to see how Google’s official WordPress plugin works. Inside this article, we will explain what Google Site Kit is and take a test drive to see what features and benefits it offers. What is Google’s official […]

MythBusters: Website SEO Myths

Over the last decade, I think it’s fair to say search engine optimisation (SEO) has continuously evolved and changed. We’ll often read about multiple updates per year from Google, such as the ‘Florida’ or the ‘Medic’ updates but what do they mean? What impact do they have on my business website? As a result, we […]

Can Colour Psychology Influence Website Users?

There’s a lot to take into consideration when you’re designing a website. First there is the design layout, then how the content architecture fits, where the call-to-action will appear within the design structure, plus a whole list more which all contribute to a designing a successful business website. What about your website colour scheme? As […]

Google My Business Introduce Product Listings

Google My Business has already become an essential tool in helping local businesses increase search presence. From sharing posts to engaging with customer reviews, Google My Business lets you easily connect with your customers. Now, for those of you who use Google My Business, you may have noticed that Google has recently introduced a new […]

Opinion: Is Facebook listening to conversations?

Do you believe Facebook listens to your conversations? For years there have been many myths and rumours circulating around this possibility, with many users pointing to this theory as the only way to explain why users are targeted by Facebook ad’s following conversations. Inside this article, our Knutsford web design agency will investigate if Facebook […]

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