Can your business benefit from a scrolling website?

In this ever changing battle, all companies are searching and competing for the answer to separate themselves from the competition. No longer will the generic website format for promotion separate you from your competitors but scrolling websites have proven themselves as a strong answer to this! Scrolling websites expand the creative potential of your website by creating an irresistible user experience that captures the attention of existing and future customers.

Vertical Scrolling Website Example

Scrolling websites are not just the one motion of scrolling down, it can scroll both in a horizontal and vertical direction using both mouse and arrow keys to achieve this. With the combined access with HTML5, developers are able to create parallax scrolling websites which can produce depth of field using the effect of an object moving in the background.

Parallax Scrolling Website

Many companies have adopted a scrolling website experience, but why is this? The answer is simple, it’s all about creating a journey for your customers. Why is it important to take your audience on a journey? The journey will effortlessly allow your customers to understand your product. It’s an effective way to display information by grabbing your audience’s attention in a creative but intuitive way.

Performance Scrolling Website

Scrolling websites aren’t suitable for everybody’s website though. Scrolling websites are strong for promoting a product but for sites such as Amazon or Topman, these wouldn’t benefit fully from a scrolling website as they would be unorganized and cluttered due to the massive amount of products. This might put off customers from shopping on their website and effecting the overall website performance.

So are scrolling websites the way forward for you?

If you’re not familiar with scrolling websites i will leave you with some good examples: