Avada 5.0 has landed… What to expect in the latest major update

Avada 5.0 Banner Blog

Avada 5.0 is finally here! After months of speculation, excitement and repeated testing delays, this is the latest significant update available to upgrade to since Avada 4.0 was released this past April.

Inside the Avada 5.0 update, the sole focus has been centred around developing a user-friendly, yet very powerful Fushion Builder to present web developers plenty of features, options and code improvements to the table that will change the outlook on how we can continue to evolve and push the boundaries to create visually stunning websites.

Although not all these features will necessarily mean much to you, some of our Agency Membership and Agency Membership Plus subscription websites will be affected by the impending changes. Inside our Avada 5.0 introduction, our Cheshire web agency team will highlight some of technical and non-technical changes you can expect when you upgrade to Avada 5.0.

New Token Registration

On any previous version of Avada, you were required to complete a 3-part registration process in order to access demo importing, automatic updates, or access to using the premium plugins associated with Avada such as the LayerSider and the Revolution Slider.

Well, this previous process was based off the old Envato API system which is very soon coming to an end. Since the old Envato API system is ending, Avada have introduced the new Envato token registration process.

What does this mean for you? Absolutely nothing, this will something that we take care with for every Agency Membership or Agency Membership Plus website who are eligible for the upgrade.

Avada Order PostsOrder Blog Posts However You Like

Believe it or not, re-arranging the order or layout of blog posts on our websites is one of the most popular questions we are asked to support with. Sadly, Avada previously offered no support on blog posts so we had to rely on creating custom code to physically re-arrange posts, but even then we will still somewhat restricted. Now thanks to the update, we can easily re-arrange posts by date, alphabetical, post slug, author, comments, last modified or can even have then randomly generated.

Individual Page Custom CSS

Another neat feature to appear under the hood of Avada 5.0 is defiantly having the option to create custom CSS for each individual page. On previous versions, we had to active a third-party plugin for this privilege.

So you’re probably asking why this matters? Well, as a Cheshire web agency that update websites on a regular basis, some websites do tend to break and loose the custom CSS when updating. With the new feature, we can easily save the custom CSS and restore saving you time and money.

New Funky Design Separators

If it’s one thing our Cheshire web agency loves, it’s having endless design possibilities and the new design section separators will certainly allow us to push the boundaries for future website designs. The new update now included 6 new separator styles that can drastically change the look of your website. The new styles included are slants, clouds, big circles, half circles, big triangles and rounded splits as shown in the screenshot below.

Avada Design Separators

Mobile Visibility System

It’s no secret that we are living in a digital age where responsive websites are considered a must! Well for the web developer in us all, the new mobile visibility system gives you full control so you can dictate when the small, medium or large version of your website comes into effect based on the pixels of your device.

By simply dragging your mouse, you can choose when each size breaks through the new mobile visibility breakpoints so your website can consistently win over new customers on any mobile, tablet or desktop device.

Avada Responsive Preview

Best of the Rest features

Back to the Future – Another welcomed addition is the ‘leap back’ in time feature. Instead of the historic forward or back version buttons, you can now leap back in time to select any of the last 30 building actions. Impressive!

Middle Header Option – Although this was already feasible within our web developers capability, Avada have introduced a quick and easy way to add your logo / brand in the middle of your menu items.

Event Calendar Ticket Add-On – Somewhat limited in previous versions, Avada now offer more design support for the Evens Calendar.

Already have a website with untitled™… what happens next!?

If you have an Agency Membership Plus subscription, you can expect to hear from us within the next couple of weeks to confirm your website is now running on Avada 5.0. If you have an Agency Membership package, you can also expect an email within the coming weeks confirming your eligibility of upgrading to Avada 5.0, it will then be up to you to confirm the upgrade.

If you want to update immediately, or if you are interested in any of our Agency Membership or Agency Membership Plus subscriptions using Avada, get in touch with your local Cheshire web agency now. Why not give us a call for a no-obligation quote on 01565 653616 or say hello by sending us an email at support@untitledtm.com.