Avada 4.0 is finally here

Avada 4.0 Blog

For those of you who know us… you will know how much we love testing out and implementing brand-new functionality to a customer’s website to make it look both visually stunning and present its own identity to our customers audience.

After a delay, we are delighted to finally hear that Avada 4.0 has been released this week and present an incredible step forward in offering a powerful design tool with a unique identity to offer functionality for building websites.

Inside our Cheshire web-design blog, we will offer a preview of what our current WordPress users can expect to find inside the latest update and how customers can look to update to the very latest platform.

So What Is A WordPress Theme?

A WordPress Theme is a collection of files that provide much more control over the overall look and presentation of your website. These files essentially work together to produce a graphical interface which can be modified without any software implications.

For those of you who are perhaps familiar with WordPress, you will know that there are both free and paid WordPress themes. The difference between the two means paid themes have access to premium plugins which are only available to paid subscriptions and are far less likely to security or plugin attacks.

New Theme Options Layout

Developed by the award-winning Redux, the brand new Avada 4.0 theme options panel is a breath of fresh air offering a playful, fresh user interface experience that has certainly been a welcomed distraction in our office. The options panel adds more depth, flexibility and power allowing you to easily access and change individual options such as the header, brand colours, typography and even the responsive settings without the need to dig through multiple different settings or having to modify the backend code.

Based on configuration and history, overtime users can choose to use options that they only ever use with the rest moved out of sight which places the redesigned and repurposed theme options panel firmly back into the hands of the designer…

Avada 4.0 Custom HeaderCustom Header Theme Options

For those of you who have perhaps had a play with the header options Avada currently presents, you will quickly realise there is limited boundaries. Apart from choosing your own background, you are pretty much stuck with a limited number of layouts to choose from…

Complete with its very own theme options section, the brand-new header options panel allows users to easily control various styles so you can customize to your liking. The flyout and search menu is a fantastic new space-saving feature that will allow you to search on just about any device.

Intuitive Search Functionality

For the bloggers and developers alike, the custom search functionality is a welcomed time saver! Working with so many different plugins and settings can become confusing when trying to figure out where they are hiding. When in the Avada theme options, users can easily search for plugins, themes, pages and posts by using the search functionality.

Avada Search Functionality

avada website typographyCustomise Typography

In versions of Avada 3.8 and older, users can currently only choose a selection of fonts from a drop-list provided by what’s installed from Google Fonts. Inside the new update, users can push the boundaries by importing your very own fonts along with selecting backup fonts when your chosen font cannot be displayed. More features also include a neat colour-picker option to easily choose hyperlink colours along with a live preview so you don’t have to continuously update your settings and viewing the updated version of your website.

Easily Import & Export Data

When trying to import or export data, Avada users have to currently rely on a third party install. Inside the latest update, Avada have integrated this piece of software so users can easily import or export any theme settings, migrate or perform safe backups of your live website.

Cheshire Web Agency Avada

Benefits Of An Existing WordPress Website With Us…

Great, our Cheshire web design agency offer two fantastic WordPress packages… We offer a monthly Agency Membership package which will entitle you to a discount to our agency rates to provide WordPress, Avada and Plugin updates as and when you want them.

We also offer a monthly Agency Membership Plus package which will entitle you to automatic monthly WordPress, Avada and Plugin updates ensuring your website has the very latest security, technology and functionality while you have peace of mind.

If you would like to move your website onto our WordPress platform or discuss our WordPress packages in more detail, why not get in touch with the Cheshire WordPress experts? Contact our Knutsford Office on 01565 653616 or send us a quick email at admin@untitledtm.com.