Are you taking full advantage of your Email Marketing?

Are you taking full advantage of your email marketing

With just a single click of a button, Email Marketing allows your business to reach thousands of contacts which is why it is the perfect tool to promote your business. Regardless of your business size or industry type, having an email marketing presence can be used in a number of effective ways to showcase a new product, new service, promotional offer or even just an overall update on your business.

Of course there are many advantages and disadvantages, but if you can use Email Marketing effectively, it could be the key to push potential leads into new customers. Join our Cheshire web design team has we talk you through the many advantages of Email Marketing and how it can help your business.


  • Costs
  • Extended Reach
  • Sales
  • Tracking Analytic Information
  • Personalised
Little Cost

If you compare email to other forms of marketing, the cost can range from very little to none at all! You will not have to pay for any kind of printing or mailing costs and with some email marketing service providers, you don’t even have to pay a fee to use their most basic services!

If you want to send a basic email marketing campaign, you could easily do this yourself but for little cost. If you are looking for a little design or flair to perhaps promote a new service or product, you could hire your local web agency that could design and build your campaign along with compelling copy which will look and remain consistent across all devices.

Extended Reach

Just about everybody has an email address today so don’t just limit yourself to your email marketing distribution list. Chances are, your distribution list will be made up from current and old customers along with a mixture of spam, family and friends and potential leads…

Once you have sent your latest email marketing campaign, look to share and promote on any social media platform your business may be a part of. Chances are there may be followers or friends who are not a part of your distribution list so by extending your reach; you could potentially reach leads who are interested in your business.

Don’t just stop at social media! If you like to promote special offers, present the opportunity for users to join your email marketing campaign. Look to get in touch with your local web agency and look to add a simple sign-up form on your website so potential customers don’t miss out on offers, services and products.

Extend social media reach


Because your distribution list will most likely be made up from new, former and existing customers, you will be able to easily increase interest in any new products or services which you may want to promote which can lead to a spike in increased sales for a limited time period.

Although email marketing doesn’t guarantee anything, it can be described as a low-risk factor because it doesn’t take up much time or cost to draft up the campaign so for the efforts, the pro’s certainly outweigh the con’s in sending email marketing promotions.

Tracking Analytic Information

Certain email marketing service providers such as Mailchimp allow you to easily track the effectiveness of each of your campaigns as soon as they have been sent out. From a glance, you are given the critical information such as how many users are in your distribution list and how many have opened your email as a percentage.

If you dive a little deeper into the analytic side of things, you can access how many users from your subscription list received the email, how many bounced or unsubscribed. You can also view how many were opened and how many hyperlinks were clicked on so you can gage what worked and what didn’t work for future campaigns.

mailchimp email campaign

Personalised Campaigns

Let’s face it, when you see that an email has been personalised with your name on it, you are far more likely to take a read and see what the content is about correct? What’s cool about having an email marketing distribution list is the more information you can collect, the more personal you can make the email feel for each user…

If you feel certain user’s will respond better to certain email marketing campaigns such as a new promotional offer then feel free to create specific mailing groups and look to send email marketing campaigns directly to a specific list.

If you constantly send email marketing campaigns that are strictly about one topic, chances are users are likely to unsubscribe if they feel like it is spam. Have a think about which users are most likely to respond to which campaign and look to build from there.

The End Result

If you are a local Cheshire business who is perhaps looking to extend your email marketing reach, feel free to get in touch with your local Cheshire web-design agency to discuss what we can do for you. We create email marketing campaigns for a number of our clients so if you want to any advice, we are just a phone call away. Call our office on 01565 653616 or look to send an email to

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