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As a professional web design agency in Knutsford, we often find businesses will approach us trying to figure out the best strategy on how to covert website visitors into customers.

In all honesty, there are no definitive answers or magic formulas. However, there are opportunities where you can try and target users who have previously viewed and interacted with your website called remarketing.

If you are new to remarketing, have never created a remarketing campaign in Adwords or perhaps not sure who your target audience is, Analytics have the perfect solution to help get you started with Analytics Smart Lists. Don’t worry in this article, we will explain what Analytics Smart Lists, how Analytics Smart Lists are created and how you can generate your own Smart List.

Are you ready? Let’s dive right in…

What are Analytics Smart Lists?

A Smart List is a remarketing audience that Analytics will automatically create for you. Using advanced ‘machine learning’, Analytics calculates and predicts which of your website visitors are most likely to covert as customers in the future. Using dozens of signals including location, device, browser, session duration plus much more. Analytics will use this data to identify potential users who have followed similar behaviour. Once the list is generated, Google will add automatically add them as a remarketing audience that you can re-engage with on Google Ads.

How are remarketing lists created in Analytics?

A remarketing audience is a list of users created based on user behaviour activity and how they interact with your website. Examples can include browsing a number of products to the duration spent viewing your website. Once a user lands on your website, each user is assigned a unique cookies or mobile-advertising ID’s and following their interaction with your website, these ID’s will be created as a remarketing audience list you will want to re-engage with because of their likelihood to convert into customers.

Remarketing lists are updated on a daily basis, meaning visitors are automatically added or removed based on the latest available signals. This enables you to show ads to your highest potential customers, which can result in more conversions without an increase in Ads budget.

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What is required to generate a Smart List for my website?

Good question. If you’re website currently generates at least 500 monthly ecommerce transactions or over 10,000 daily pageviews, your Smart List will be generated based on specific factors that influence your users to convert. However, if your website does not meet this set criteria, your Smart List is created based on conversion data from businesses similar to you that have opted to share their anonymized conversion data with Analytics.

How to create a Smart List for your website.

Once logged into your Analytics dashboard, simply navigate to the admin section and under ‘Property’, click on ‘Audience Definitions’, then ‘Audiences’.

Next you will be presented with your Smart List. As you can see, Analytics outlines specific activity criteria such as users who have completed a goal conversion or viewed a specific section of your website as triggers. Choose ‘Smart List’ then give you new list a title.

Finally, you will need to assign your Smart List a destination. From the drop-down, look to assign the account associated with both Analytics and Ads so this enables you to target your remarketing audience in Ads. If you selected a Google Ads account, then you need to add that audience to at least one of your ad groups before the users in that audience are eligible to see your ads

Analytics Smart Lists - Example

Knutsford Web Design Agency Opinion – Are you ready to implement Smart Lists?

If you are looking to implement a digital marketing strategy or increase your current conversion rates, Smart Lists are a great way to get your started. Smart Lists will eliminate the need to constantly re-evaluate or change your marketing strategy because your list updated on a daily basis.

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