A beginner’s introduction to LinkedIn Showcase Pages

The Objective

As a Cheshire web-design agency, our objective is always looking out for ways on how we can not only increase brand awareness, but how we can also drive more traffic to our website and ultimately increase sales. It doesn’t matter if you are a local butchers based in Hale or multi-national company based in Macclesfield; we all have the same goal when we have a presence on the web.

For employees or businesses that have a LinkedIn profile, you will be more than aware of the business-oriented social networking website and the services it offers. Well inside our blog, we answer “What is a LinkedIn showcase page” along with “Is a LinkedIn showcase page suitable for my business” inside our introductory blog.

What is a LinkedIn Showcase page?

If you already have a company page, a LinkedIn showcase page acts as an addition page of your company page and works the very same way. A showcase page is designed to highlight one particular area of your business, which could be a new product, a particular service, or perhaps a sub-brand if you are a larger scale company.

Example of LinkedIn Showcase Page

Microsoft Showcase Page – Skype. As you can see, you can view who follows the page, similar pages related to the product and which company owns the page.

If you are a small Cheshire based business who offers a selection of products and services to niche or target-driven market, showcase pages will provide you with the opportunity to effectively provide tailored insights and update content to a specific customer group who follow your showcase pages.

4 reasons why showcase pages may be suitable for your business

  1. Drive tailored traffic to your website (specific products & services)
  2. Gain analytical insight
  3. SEO opportunities
  4. No rival competition
Drive tailored traffic to your website

Because LinkedIn users can directly follow products and services that interest them as opposed to businesses, this will paint a much clearer idea of the sort of information they want to see. By adding hyperlinks to particular products or services on your website, you can take the user on a journey so they can see the product or service firsthand on your website where they can choose to act on impulsive buying habits, whilst boosting click through rates to your website.

Gain analytical insight

As with company pages, showcase pages also include an analytics section meaning you can access vital information and comparisons for all your showcase pages, content posts, or interaction with members. Analytics allow you to view the number of clicks, number of impressions and number of views so you can adjust and compare your strategies.

LinkedIn Small Business Analytics

SEO Opportunities

Adding numerous showcase pages present plenty of extra SEO opportunities. Showcase pages are displayed in LinkedIn search results so not only will this help boost your LinkedIn presence, this will also provide an organic impact on local search engine results.

By implementing numerous showcase pages, this again provides the opportunity to get those target keywords into extra content such as the bio, content updates along with selecting which categories your selected products and services fall in.

No rival competition

LinkedIn Recommended BusinessesWhen you log into your personal or business account, when browsing you will usually other companies and their details show-up in the sidebar on the right hand side correct? Well when a user visits one of your showcase pages, this will not provide them with an escape route to visit rival or suggests business so this is your opportunity to them from a user into a customer.

Having Vs Not Having a Showcase Page

I have outlined the importance of having a showcase page, along with the numerous awards that come with it but they are not for every small business. As a small Cheshire web-design agency, we thrive on adding keyword driven content so you have to put time in to write the content and get it out there, which does take up a lot of time and resource.

If you don’t have any particular products or services, and are just looking for brand awareness, then I would recommend not having a showcase page and just sticking with the regular business page.

Call to Action.

If you are a small Cheshire-based business who are looking for advice on LinkedIn or perhaps need any assistance in setting up a product page, we are just a phone call away. Why not give us a call on 01565 653616 to discuss Cheshire web-performance or the art of growing your website.