A beginner’s guide to LinkedIn Advertising

beginners guide to LinkedIn advertising

Ok, so you have tried Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook Advertising and host of other social media advertising and you’re still not getting the clicks or business you were hoping for…

Well, if you are looking to reach a specific set of business owners and customer’s criteria then LinkedIn Advertising may just be the advertising platform you were looking for! Instead of blindly advertising on various search engine listings, you can reach a whole spectrum of business-to-business channels knowing if you can benefit businesses or working professionals with your advertisement you are likely to get higher quality leads right?

Join us as our Cheshire web-design team provide a full beginners guide to LinkedIn Advertising offering up a nice and easy guide to the various ads you can use so you can reach your ideal customers on the world’s largest professional network.

Selecting the right LinkedIn Advertising Campaign

LinkedIn sponsored update advertisement LinkedIn Advertising offer two different types of Advertising Campaigns which are labelled ‘Sponsored Updates’ and ‘Text Ad’s’ so it is extremely important you know the difference between each so you can select which is best appropriate for your business.

Sponsored Updated allow you to get your company’s brand and word out across every desktop, mobile and tablet device so you can not only reach just the right audience, you can also attract new followers to your Company or Showcase Page.

LinkedIn Text Ad ExampleLinkedIn Text Ad Example

Text Ads allow you to capture the attention of your specific target in mind with target audience and precision business-to-business filters. By adding a compelling headline, service description and a 50 X 50 image to accompany your add you can reach the right audience on a low-risk budget.

So how does LinkedIn Advertising Work?

It’s really straightforward really. So once you have chosen which campaign best suites your business, it’s time to write your attention grabbing headline. From here, you will need to add you content promoting your new product range, service or even your business, LinkedIn will test and will provide recommendations based on your criteria to make sure your ad will perform at its fullest potential.

Next you have to identify and select which target options you wish to include. Using a simple tick box form you can select as many or as little details you wish including ‘Company Size’ which could be businesses containing 1-10 Employees and or up to over 10,000+. You can also select which LinkedIn profiles can see your add based off title including Owner or Founder then lastly selecting which Gender, Age and even Location you wish to target. Once you are happy with your criteria you simply select your budget and away you go!

How much will LinkedIn Advertising Cost?

LinkedIn Advertising offers two different advertising payment methods which are Pay-Per-Click (CPC) and Pay-Per-1,000 Impressions (CPM). Both allow you to set your own budget which starts from a minimum of $2 US Dollars which roughly exchanges to about £1.37 depending on the value of the UK exchange rate.

Pay-Per-Click allows you to specify the maximum amount you are willing to pay for each click and by setting a budget, you can identify the amount of clicks you are willing to spend each day. Once your advertisement exceeds your set daily budget, it will not appear until the next day.

Pay-Per-1,000 Impressions specify an exact cost for each 1,000 times our advertisement is shown regardless of how many clicks you receive. If you are interested in the more impressions your advertisement is seen over clicks then this will be a good options for you.

5 LinkedIn Marketing Tips

Tip #1 – Don’t be afraid to test out both sponsored and text ad. By testing out both, you can determine which one is more successful and more suitable for future campaigns.

Tip #2 – Write a killer headline. This is your one opportunity to draw in new customers. Writing a short, snappy and punchy headline can be very effective. E.G. Cheshire Website Rebuild Service

Tip #3 – Create a consistent landing page. The endgame here is to draw clicks right? So if you are promoting an offer or service, make sure the landing page repeats the same exact offer otherwise if they have to navigate around the website, chances are you have lost that click!

Tip #4 – Different Visual Media. Don’t be afraid to mix things up by including a video or image in your ad. Don’t forget to use the right image ratio instructed though as your image could look blurred or stretched which isn’t visually appealing to business users at all.

Tip #5 – Track your ads. Take advantage of LinkedIn Analytics and set up some target goals. View your traffic sources and look to create an action plan to follow up on what will be a warm lead.

Thinking of LinkedIn Advertising for your business?

If you are still unsure or would like any advice on creating a LinkedIn Advertising campaign based around your business needs, why not get in touch with the Cheshire web-design experts? Why not say hello and pop in for a coffee at our Knutsford office or send a quick email to JC@untitledtm.com. Feel free to take a look around at any other blogs which may help grow your website.