5 reasons why Bing Ads should be part of your online marketing

When it comes to planning an online marketing strategy, any Knutsford web agency would advise on Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising if you were looking for a quick way to drive traffic to your website.

However, when it comes to PCC, a lot of businesses instantly associate PPC advertising it Google Adwords just like me, largely due to Google dominating the global search market. However, research has also shown Bing are slowly but surely increasing their share of the market.

Now, before we go any further, as a professional Knutsford web agency, we have never used or recommended clients to use Bing Ad’s so the purpose of this blog is for us to come on this journey with you. Now, let’s get started and take a look at 5 reasons why Bing Ad’s should be part of your online marketing strategies.

5 reasons why Bing Ads should be part of your online marketing

Bing Ads: Reach a third of consumers

Ok, so while Google may dominate over 60% of search in the US and a further 83% in the UK, a large portion of the rest of these statistics are actually controlled by Bing so if you haven’t considered including Bing Ad’s as part of your online search marketing strategy, you could be missing out on over a third of traffic in the US and up to 15% in the UK!

Why is Bing the second most popular search engine? Well that’s because Bing has partnered up with a number of search engines (more on that later) along with becoming the default search engine for a number of products such as Amazon’s Kindle, Apple Siri and Cortana. Although it faces tough competition as a default search engine on PC’s, Bing still demonstrates the growing presence of a search engine and it’s ability raise awareness across a number of devices and operating systems is something that cannot be ignored.

Bing Ads: Accessibility

As with any industry, change often happens at lighting pace so businesses who do not have a large marketing budget will want to quickly identify and make changes within fingertips. With this in mind, Bing released Bing Ad’s as an App on iOS and Google Play devices so businesses can quickly access, review and edit campaigns on any device at any time.

Through the simplicity and ease of the App, Bing were the first search engine to release an ad campaigned based app with Google following on iTunes and Android.

What sets Bing Ads apart from Google is that it offers better accessibility and flexibility by allowing you to target specific devices based on their type and operating system.

Bing Ads: Better Return on Investment

With Google dominating search, not only does this mean you will face much more competition paying for keywords, you will likely end up paying much more to actually win and never get true value for money.

Let’s say for example I wanted to bid on the words Knutsford Web Agency, on Bing Ad’s you will find much less competition competing for that keyword meaning it will be much easier to gain the traffic for that particular keyword, and mean I will face much less competition when it comes to bidding. In some cases, you may even find you are the only bidder for certain keywords which requires a much less budget to run an adwords campaign.

Three Search Engines

As already touched on, Bing has actually partnered up with a number of different search engines which include Yahoo and AOL, So far in 2017, in the UK Bing is accountable for 11.06% of search, followed by Yahoo who are responsible for 3.83% and AOL following with 0.44%. Ok, so while Google may still dominate search, Bing Ad’s still connect with millions of searches and because of Bings partnerships, your search ad’s will actually span across all 3 search engines meaning you reach a larger audience across three search engines and you can expect an overall higher click-through rate.

Bing Ads Intelligence

Powered by Microsoft Office Excel, Bing Ads Intelligence is a unique keyword planning tool that allowed you to build and expand on your keywords. With the ability to download up to 200,00 keywords, Bing Ads enables you to easily research keywords and gauge their performance with bid estimates so you can apply and improve your keyword campaign performance.

Bing Ad Verdict

Having done our research, I think I would strongly recommend Bing Ad’s as an alternative or as a different solution if your business hasn’t had much success with Google Ad’s. If you have used Bing Ad’s, please get in touch and let us know what you think.

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