5 Free Local SEO Small Business Tips

 5 Free Local Small Business Tips

If you are a small Cheshire based business looking to maximise your web performance and looking to increase your search engine presence, Local SEO could be just the thing for you! To simplify things, local SEO is all about targeting and improving smaller local business, by helping them to rank well in local search engine positions.

Whilst there are many SEO techniques out there that any business can implement, there are often consequences and expenses of implementing these activities. This blog is targeting businesses that are perhaps new, or looking at SEO for the very first time. Here you can read 5 (Completely Free) local SEO tips that any small Cheshire based business can follow to increase web performance.

Consistent ‘NAP’ – Name, Address, Phone

It is vital that you consistently list your business name, address and phone number correctly on your website. If you are a small Cheshire based business, it’s also important that you add the specific area code (For example 01565 for Knutsford) for increased web performance results.

Can NAP improve local search rankings? Absolutely it can! If a small business is looking to boost their local search rankings by adding NAP, search engines such as Google use completed algorithms to determine small businesses for geography related search engine results.

Build Your Local Listings

Google and other search engines constantly scan local listing websites to develop a stronger understanding of the local searches and local businesses. In order to boost local web performance, it is important that you complete each listing using accurate and consistent NAP information.

All local listings websites will need you to verify and confirm that you are the business you claim you are. While some will just need you to verify your email, others may require more details or a pin-code. Below is just a starting list;

  • Google +
  • Yahoo Local
  • Bing Local
  • Facebook
  • Yelp
  • Yellow Pages
  • Relevant Listing to your website e.g. Trip Advisor

Google My Business

Get your business onto Google completely free of charge by registering for ‘Google My Business’. Google My Business puts all your NAP business info on Search, Maps and Google+ and other on Google related products meaning it’s never been easier to connect with potential customers.

Compatible on all devices, by signing up for ‘Google My Business’, potential customers can easily access directions, numbers and other info, any time. If you are a small Cheshire based business looking to maximise web performance, I highly recommend this action! Please contact untitled™ for assistance in registering for Google My Business

Regular Keyword Rich Content

Constructing a page on your website such as a blog, news feed or even a diary and updating it on a regular basis is the most organic way for any small business based in Cheshire to increase web performance and local search visibility. By creating fresh content, this will allow you to target local keywords, phrases and search terms that relate to your business and industry.

Once you have identified the keywords that you wish to be found for, not only is content a great SEO benefit, it’s allows you to take your visitors on a journey by providing them with new fresh information to read every time they visit. The more engaged they are the better chance you have of turning these visitors into customers.

For advice on how to create SEO friendly content, please see our beginners guide on how to construct the perfect SEO blog

Seek Reviews & Relevant Social Media

Regardless of being positive or negative, encourage your customers to leave reviews of your services and business if they are satisfied with your work. Even if it is comments from a blog or a review from Google My Business, the more authentic review your business receives, the better this will optimize the web performance for any small based business in Cheshire in various search engines.

  • Google +
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

All the above are free social media platforms that allow small business to develop a strong social media strategy that engages new customers. By implementing social media onto your website and by being active, this provides a positive web performance knock on effect as the more active and more interaction you gain, the better it boosts your local search engine rankings.


Hopefully you will have taken something from reading this blog. All these local business SEO tips are completely free and easy to use to optimise web performance for any Cheshire based small business. Please contact untitled™ to discuss further SEO web performance strategies or why not pop in for a chat over a coffee with James by telephoning 01565 653616.