3 secrets to a successful landing page

3 secrets to a successful landing page

The goal of any landing page serves one true purpose… turning your website visitors into potential customers! Ok, so it doesn’t matter if you are creating SEO driven content, Pay-Per-Click based product services or any other type of marketing channel in an effort to drive traffic, they all have the same goal! If you struggle to turn browsers into buyers then perhaps it’s time to review your landing page to see where you could be going wrong.

Inside our latest Web Grower post, our Knutsford based web design agency will not only help you identify what your target audience is when visitors land on your website, we will also provide 3 secrets to a successful landing page that apply to all types of content.

Identify your target audience.

When it comes to creating your landing page, you must first consider the source of traffic you are drawing to the website and what your call-to-action is.
If you want visitors to purchase your product and services, does it contain the key information and a compelling call-to-action to instruct them what to do next next? Can you easily buy a product and proceed to the checkout without the need to click off the landing page?

If you are writing a blog or an article, does it contain enough informative information to keep your audience engaged? Does it apply to Google and it’s ranking algorithms? Do you want your visitors to sign up or buy a product as a result of reading your blog? No matter what the goal is, can your visitor fulfil the goal within one simple click?

1. Write a captivating headline

When you land on any website, the headline is typically the first thing any visitor will see but if it’s not engaging enough, it could be the only thing they see before leaving your website. The headline needs to be concise, provide the visitor with just enough information to arouse interest and encourage them to scroll down and read on and here’s a few little tips on how you can achieve this

Add an interesting statistic – Content is usually a tidal wave of words where important information can often easily be missed! If you include an interesting statistic such as a number or a percentage, you instantly draw the interest of the visitor with useful information they can absorb which will encourage them to read on to see what else they can learn.

Ask a question – It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple yes or no answer, by asking a question you will create a sense of curiosity in your visitor who will want to explore the content to see if the answer is as simple as the question suggests… encourage visitors to read your content and they will get the information to answer your question.

2. Remove potential obstacles with ease and simplicity

According to statistics, visitors often leave landing pages within 10-20 seconds of clicking on them. To buy more time of user attention, your landing page must clearly communicate your call-to-action within 10 seconds. Don’t give visitors an excuse to leave your website by looking to maximise user experience. As a Cheshire web design agency, we often advice clients with a number of tactics to employ on their website such as;

Page Loading Speed – Having now truly entered the mobile era, page loading speed has become increasing significant with it even now having an impact on search engine rankings. Don’t clutter your landing page with tons of large images or videos which could potentially slow down your website speed. The slower your page loading speed, the easier it makes for visitors to leave your website if they cant get the information they need.

Simplistic Call-To-Action – If the objective of your landing page is to encourage visitors to sign up for your newsletter or purchase a product, how easy it to achieve this goal realistically? If they need to fill out a form, multiple studies confirm a higher conversion rate for one-field forms. If you have a checkout, look to include a guest checkout facility.

3. Monitor and make improvements to your landing page

How do you track the success of your landing page? Google Analytics of course. What’s best about Google Analytics is that it is completely free to set-up and easy to get started. Regardless of your technical ability, you can easily monitor and track the number of views your landing page receives right through slightly more technical data such as capturing what device and browser users view your landing page on.

If you notice the bounce rate is high for a particular landing page is high, the beauty of Google Analytics means you can trail and error your content and use the real-time functionality so you can track how a user interacts with your landing page.

For the more advanced Google Analytics user – You can also set up goals so if your call-to-action is to encourage users to make a purchase, you can monitor each step and see where the bounce rate is high to offer an insight on why customers are not making purchases.

You can also apply the Google Analytics URL builder so you can monitor how users interact with content after clicking through from social media or email marketing.

Take the next steps…

If you would like any assistance setting up Google Analytics on your website, or if you would like to discuss how to improve your landing page success, why not get in touch with the experts? We are a Cheshire web design agency based in Knutsford who specialise in small-to-medium website growth. Say hi and introduce yourself by sending an email to office@untitledtm.com

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