Facebook Advertising: Small Business Guide

The Numbers Why small businesses advertise with Facebook Advertising 30 Million – The number of Facebook users across the UK. 76% – The number of Facebook users who visit the platform every day 45% – The number of users who will access the site several times a day 9.21% – The average conversation rate for […]

Manage how users search your website with Google Posts

Have you ever searched for your favourite sports team or musical artist and on the right-hand side of your search results, found all kinds of information such as fixtures, results, social media posts or even details such as squad/roster songs/albums? Well let me introduce you to Google Posts, the free Google product intended to allow […]

Why content will always be king on every business website

During the 6 years I have spent with untitled™, within the walls of our Cheshire web design agency, time and time again I have always heard the repeated catchphrase “Content is King!”. Especially when it came to create or manage the early stages of a website project but never really understood why… well until now […]

The next generation of Google Maps for Business has arrived!

Can you believe it’s been 13 years since the introduction of Google Maps? Since its inception, I don’t know about you, but I just about use Google Maps for everything! From restaurant reviews to discovering nearby traffic, it becomes a part of your everyday life. As a Cheshire web design agency, we have seen such […]