Cheshire Web Design FREE Online Tools – Mobile Speed Testing

With mobile officially surpassing desktop search, Google have confirmed that search engines will now index and rank your website based on the mobile experience the user will receive when they land on your website. Although many factors contribute to an engaging mobile experience, speed is certainly key, with most visitors are likely to abandon a […]

Cheshire Web Design Agency Tutorial: Google Search Console

If you have your own business website or maintain the website for the company you work for, I’m guessing you have probably heard of Google Webmaster Tools or Google Search Console. As a professional Cheshire Web Design, often we find website owners usually shy away from Google Search Console, mostly due to time constraints or […]

What is a 404 Error Page?

So, we have all been there before…. You have searched for something or browsed through numerous pages on a website only to stumble across a ‘404 Error Page’ saying this page no longer exists. Speaking as a professional Cheshire Web Design Agency, while users may experience frustration from not being able to access information, a […]